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3 Pillars of Growth: How a New MAIA Program Can Help You Succeed!

by Cris Rodriguez, Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul


At the macro level, you have to implement just three systems to achieve success in your martial arts academy. If you’re thinking that sounds too easy to be true, know that Tony Robbins teaches something similar in his business-coaching programs. He says a business must do these three things to grow:

1 Get customers.

2 Get those customers to pay more.

3 Get those customers to pay more, more often.

At the Martial Arts Industry Association, our recipe for success focuses on the three R’s: recruitment, retention and revenue. In this article, three of the industry’s leading consultants — Cris Rodriguez, Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul — will explain how this simple strategy can help you take your school to the next level in 2021.


Recruitment • Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Consultant

One year on vacation in Hawaii, I was relaxing at the beach when a fisherman, obviously a local, drove up in his...

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Rise to the Challenge: Leverage the Power of Challenges to Supercharge Your School

by Cris Rodriguez


Most people in the martial arts industry who know me know that I’m a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Few are aware, however, that I got my start at a Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do when I was just 8 years old. Yes, I’ve been a mat rat since 1993.

As a former lover of forms — specifically, musical forms — I had the power of repetition drilled into my head from an early age. My classmates and I practiced our musical routines so much that cassette tapes would get stretched out and become unplayable because we constantly were pressing the Play, Stop and Rewind buttons. At least they weren’t 8 tracks or vinyl. …

Looking back on my childhood on the dojo carpet — mats weren’t popular at the time — I’m still impressed at how my instructor was able to get us to practice our forms over and over by disguising the repetition of the techniques we were using. Back then, we didn’t know what he was...

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When the Pandemic Forces You to Conduct Your Classes Outside

retention Apr 15, 2021

by Floyd Burk


The primary function of MASuccess is to help you overcome any obstacle that stands between your martial arts business and financial success. In 2020, the main obstacle for most schools was the pandemic. Sadly, it remains so in 2021.

This has spurred endless discussion, most of it based on this all-to-common premise: “My school has been closed for a long time and I still have to pay rent. My state says I can’t teach inside, so I’m planning to start holding class outside soon. Do you have any suggestions?”

In this article, I’ll shed some light on this subject and related ones that focus on teaching outside your regular establishment.


The Sitrep

Let’s start by assuming that you live in a locale where state and local officials have issued orders keeping you from conducting class in your school or orders that restrict the number of people allowed inside. I’m a school owner in San Diego County, so I know of what I...

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Beyond the Dojo: The Master Key to Building a Business That Transcends Your Martial Arts School

maia Apr 15, 2021

by Harinder Singh Sabharwal


At least 90 percent of success in business boils down to mindset and the ability to “be like water” as you adapt to change. The fact that you’re reading this article indicates that the martial arts are your business — as well as a way of life for you. The education you’ve received stretches far beyond the physical and impacts every aspect of your existence. This includes how you perceive situations, how you interact with people and how you make decisions. The arts provide you with a philosophy of action that’s powered by a disciplined mind, and this sets you apart from people who are into other pursuits.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has thrown our industry into chaos. It’s pushed us to transform how we conduct business and how we provide services for our students. As martial artists, we’re trained to make ourselves comfortable in uncomfortable situations, which is why, as an industry, we’ve stepped...

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How to Host a Mother's Day Class

free resource programs Apr 08, 2021

By: Kurt Klingenmeyer

With the arrival of spring each year comes the opportunity to celebrate the moms in our life with Mother’s Day.  As martial artists and school owners, we know all too well the dedication of each and every “Karate Mom” in our school.  This year, why not give them the opportunity to train with their kids?   

As each holiday approaches, prepare and hand out invitations for your students to take home to their parents inviting them to an extra special Mother’s Day Class.  And because we all know that sometimes information doesn’t quite make it home from our students, be sure to make phone calls and extend the invitation personally! 

Prior to each event, be sure to preorder special belts for your guests of honor! Century’s PINK belts are great for the moms.  Be sure to order enough for everyone and any...

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Assessing your martial arts program’s risk management readiness

covid-19 marketing Apr 06, 2021

We encourage you to frequently assess your business for potential safety hazards and risks. Some areas may require daily assessment, while others may require weekly, monthly, or yearly assessments. Record your assessments, establish procedures for correcting hazards, and keep a well-documented file of your efforts related to risk management. Here are a few key checkpoint areas to consider when performing your assessment.

  • Do you have a formal safety inspection process to routinely examine your school and equipment? Does this process include inspecting bathrooms, external walkways, parking lots, and parent waiting areas for potential hazards?
  • Does your equipment safety check include checking sources like the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( for potential equipment recalls?
  • Is someone responsible for inspection of your facility?
  • Is someone that is trained in both CPR and first aid available during each class?
  • Do you have a plan in place for handling emergency injuries...
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Which summer is yours?

What do you think of when you hear the word "summer"?

• Do you think of traveling?
• Vacations?
• Time at the beach or the pool?

Unfortunately for some school owners, when they hear the word summer, they think:

• Low revenue
• Tons of freezes
• Empty mats

If that’s you, this blog was perfectly crafted with you in mind.

When I first started working with Mr. Metzger, he taught me some marketing gold.

He said, “There are 3 times a year in your school where you have to increase your
marketing efforts."

Those times are:

• Going into summer
• Coming out of summer
• And going into the new year

Why is it you might ask that those 3 specific times are when you should go pedal to the metal with your marketing?

It’s because during those times, people are making transitions that affect their day-to-day lives.

When it’s summer time, school is ending, vacation time is taken, new activities are booked, and our typical...

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Hosting an Outdoor Camp

free resource programs Mar 30, 2021

by Adam Parman


As martial arts school owners look for opportunities to generate much needed revenue while mediating risk of COVID in order to ensure customers feel safe, hosting an outdoor spring break camp can be great option.  Working parents need trusted solutions for their children where they know their child will be safe and have fun.  Often, these parents look to businesses that provide camps where they have already developed a relationship with the staff – like your martial arts school.  Offering camp services allows school owners the opportunity to diversify their business while providing additional revenue streams.  Many schools in our industry found summer camps and digital learning camps essential to their survival when opening back-up after months of being shut down.  Whether it’s a single day camp or a week-long camp, here’s a few steps to ensure...

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Customer vs. Lead: The Distinct Difference


When we first started martial arts, we never thought we would be where we are: full-fledged entrepreneurs making an impact on our communities. But here we are!

Many of us had to learn on-the-fly how to run a business. We spent long nights trying to figure out how to grow our schools into businesses.

Sometimes, we were moving so fast we barely knew what we knew, or more importantly — what we didn’t.

Do you know what a lead is? Truly? We know we want them, but what is the difference between a lead, a prospect, or a customer?

That’s why I want to stop and take a second to slow down and really talk about it.

Let’s start with the basics: your Customer Journey

[See video above] 


Before your prospect is — well — a prospect, they are a lead. A lead is someone who has a one-way interaction with your school or your brand.

During this stage of the Customer Journey, your Lead will be determining if they are interested or not and will likely need...

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