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The 2021 Martial Arts SuperShow

They say you are the culmination of the people you spend the most time with.

Well what kind of outcome do you think would occur if you hung out with these all-stars:

Chatri Sityodtong
Brent Gleeson
Robert Teschner
Frank Silverman
Cris Rodriguez
Mike Metzger
Shane Tassoul
Kelly Murray Gry
Eric Santamaria
Abid Benwali
Nick Peterman

Leveling up your inner circle is a sure-fire game plan to leveling up your life.
And the above list of all-stars are coming straight to your computer with the Martial Arts Industry’s biggest training and education event: The 2021 Martial Arts Super Show.

While in-person events are my personal favorite, with the pandemic and Nevada’s
restrictions, we had to go virtual for one more year.

What does this mean for you?

A super affordable Martial Arts Super Show with an amazing speaker line up!

After a year of running online classes, most of you are Zoom Wizards, but I wanted to share some tips to get the most out of our 2021 Super Show and break down what you should do before, during, and after the event to see the results that you are looking for.

Look, we’ve all heard that “Knowledge is power”, but if that was all it took, then all of us would be driving Roll Royce’s and would have a 6 pack of abs.

Knowledge is not enough.  Taking action on your newfound knowledge is what it takes to actually see results.

So let’s set yourself up for success for the 2021 Martial Arts Super Show:


1) Block off your Calendar
I joke all the time that my calendar is my boss. I am huge fan of time blocking and controlling where every minute of my day goes. It’s a strategy that allows me to
run 3 companies AND work for the Martial Arts Industry Association while leading a team of 20 employees and being a partner to my rockstar wife Stephanie and mother to our 3 boys.

What gets scheduled has a higher probability of getting done. So whatever type of calendar you use (I am a huge fan of my Google Calendar), make sure you block off the following dates and times:

• Wednesday, July 7 from 10AM CST to 3:00PM CST
• Thursday, July 8 from 9AM CST to 3:00PM CST
• Friday, July 9 from 10AM CST to 3:00PM CST

2) Control Your Environment
If you want to lose weight, one of the best things you can do is control what is in your fridge and pantry. This is why if you work with a trainer, one of the first things they want you to do is throw out the junk food! Keeping it in your house and in front of you makes it more tempting to eat. Removing it makes it easier to stick to your goals.

The same goes for when we are continuing our education.  We want to control the
environment we are in. My recommendation is to go somewhere where you feel
inspired and know you will not be interrupted.

It might be a the local library, your local coffee shop, or a business lounge at the nice hotel down the street. Doing this will help to get you in the right mindset for learning and won’t make the Supershow feel just like another work day.

3) Familiarize yourself with the Online Platform
Most school owners are wizards at Zoom after teaching hundreds (maybe even
thousands) of Zoom Classes to your students in 2020.

If you are not familiar with the platform, be sure to login a few minutes early and get yourself acquainted with it. The more comfortable you feel with how the platform works, the more willing you will be to participate in the sessions.


4) Take notes with your medium
Intellectually understanding something and mastering something are two completely different things. It’s pretty rare that you will hear something one time and then all of a sudden be a master of it. This is why note taking is so important.

You are going to be hearing from a lot of different speakers on a lot of different topics, and it’s nearly impossible to remember everything you are learning, so take notes.

Whether you prefer good ol’ pen to paper, or an iPad, or a word document on your
computer, whatever your favorite medium is, make sure you are taking notes. I have so many notebooks in my library from all of the years of continued education — notes from podcasts, courses, books, conferences, etc. Being able to go back to my notes over the years has provided new motivation and inspiration to implement what I learned.

You can’t remember everything, so don’t try to.

5) Participate and Ask Questions
As teachers, we all know what it’s like when your students aren’t engaging with you. Teaching is so much more fun when the audience is engaged and asking questions. Often times we hesitate to ask questions because we don’t want to “look dumb."

Speakers LOVE IT when you ask questions. As they are covering their topics, write your questions down, because at the end of every single session there will be a 20-minute live Q&A where you can ask all of the questions your heart desires.


6) Review Your Notes and Implementation Roadmap
After years of attending conferences and now speaking and MC’ing them, I know that most attendees leave incredibly overwhelmed at the plethora of information that was just given to them and don’t know where to start.

Often times they mentally set a goal to implement their top takeaways, but by the time they get home, life gets in the way and nothing gets accomplished.

This is why I am so pumped to be offering my Implementation Roadmap at the end of each day. It’s going to give you an opportunity to actually write down a game plan to implement your top takeaways and will provide you with a roadmap of what to do once the conference is over. These are must-attend sessions.

7) Follow Up with your Favorite Speakers
As a Speaker, I LOVE when attendees reach out to me after an event to let me know their biggest takeaways and ask any questions that we might not have had time to answer.

I encourage you to reach out to your favorite speakers.  It will make their day and will help you to level up your inner circle.

8) Hold Yourself Accountable
Finally, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable, which is tough. Me personally, when it comes to fitness, I am unable to hold myself accountable to train daily.  This is why I have a personal trainer who makes sure that I show up everyday.

It can be difficult to hold ourselves accountable when wanting to implement new ideas and strategies into our businesses, and this is why I recommend finding a Mentor or Coach who can hold you accountable.

We have the absolute best coaches at MAIA, and my suggestion would be to book a
Free Coaching Call with one of them after the SuperShow so you can go over where you’re at in your school and ultimately where you want to be.

You can book this call by going to

I look forward to virtually seeing you on July 7, 8, and 9th as I will be hosting the 2021 Martial Arts Super Show with one of my mentors, Mr. Frank Silverman.

You can grab your tickets now, for only $29, here:

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