Dear Martial Artist –

Welcome! It is the vision of MAIA to help grow martial arts schools, both in number of students and in profitability. When we succeed in doing this, we believe that martial arts schools everywhere will be able to offer better martial arts throughout their communities.

It is our belief that we can make a difference in the lives of our students and we want to "share" the martial arts with as many people as possible. The programs designed by MAIA have this vision in mind. They are designed to drive more members to your school, help you manage your business responsibilities, keep your students longer and help make martial arts a part of as many lives as possible.

Through the various products that we offer, we are convinced that we can help you accomplish your goals. From our monthly planning tool, Edge, to our very intensive Elite coaching program, which consists of personalized one-on-one consulting, we have a customized program to help you achieve your specific goals.

Thank you for supporting MAIA!

Frank Silverman
Executive Director Martial Arts Industry Association