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Growing Your Membership

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

Working with martial arts school owners has been an amazing experience throughout the past four years as MAIA’s Small School Specialist.  Some of the most rewarding moments are when someone learns the skillsets that enable them to quit their day job, hire employees, and even buy their own building.

One of the things that surprised me was that everyone’s story is generally the same:  “Talented martial artist but needs help growing to 100 students”, or “Has students but doesn’t generate enough revenue to pay the bills." 

Our 3-part series will cover MAIA Systems that have helped dojo owners reach their goals around the world.  No matter if you live in a small town or large city, let's grow together.

Growing your membership

Remember that baseball movie where he builds a baseball stadium in a corn field, then everybody shows up.

Yea...that doesn’t work.

That’s the same kind of thinking that if you build an incredible looking martial arts facility, people will be knocking your door down to take classes. Nothing is more exhilarating for a martial arts instructor than teaching a class full of students.  So lets get some students in your school!

One of the best ways to enroll groups of students (I’m talking 5 – 50 students in 1 day) is by hosting free community events.  Self Defense Workshops for adults and Character Building Workshops for kids work great!

Before the event, be sure to gain traction and interest for the workshop.  Promote on social media, reach out to former students, host booths at local festivals, give VIP cards to local businesses for their employees/customers, send press releases to local radio / newspaper / tv news stations...anyway to get the word out about your event.

Start the workshop by briefly introducing yourself, any team members that are helping you, what you’ll be covering that day, and that they’ll have an opportunity to enroll after the workshop if they’re interested.  At the end of the workshop, thank everyone for attending and offer them an Enrollment Special (not a trial) that day. 

And is that simple.

For a dojo owner that is trying to break past the 50 student mark, this can be GAME CHANGING!  For more details on how to host a free community event, check out MAIA’s Small School Forum Facebook Group for some free resources or book a free one-on-one coaching session by emailing me here: [email protected]

Kurt Klingenmeyer
MAIA Elite Consultant – Small School Specialist

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