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To Boost or Not to Boost?!

digital marketing Dec 03, 2019

By: Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Digital Marketing Expert


When a school owner fills out an application to work with my company, Grow Pro Agency, to see if we are good fit, one of the questions we ask is, “have you advertised on the Facebook Ads platform before.”

About 80% of our prospective clients end up saying something to the effect of, “Yes, I boost posts all the time.”

I wanted to quickly go over whether or not you should be boosting posts and what type of results you will get from them.

First, what is a boosted post?

There are 11 different Campaign Objectives inside of the Facebook Ads Manager, and Engagement is one of them.

A boosted post is simply an “Engagement Ad” where Facebook will put your ad in front of the audience of your choosing with the purpose of getting you engagement (likes, comments, shares). The reason why it is so popular, is because it is one of the few types of ads that you can create without having to go deep into the Ads Manager. It’s literally the easiest type of Ad Campaign you can create.

So, should you use “Boosts”?


Boosts are a great way to get fast traction to a post from your page and can help with social proof and brand awareness. However, they are not ideal if you want to send traffic to your website, gain leads (name, e-mail, phone number), get conversions (such as trial sales), video views or anything with a higher level custom audience.



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