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Learn the Foundations of Facebook
Implement Vital Business Systems
Get More New Members on Your Mat


Classes are roughly 60-90 minutes long and take place at 1pm CT (2pm ET), every other Tuesday, beginning January 7th, 2020.


Business Maximizer


Social Media Tutorial

Pricing Structure/ 4 Step Enrollment System

Learn how to present your pricing and sell it to customers. You’ll learn the 4 pricing structures that are crucial to generating revenue for your business and why it’s so important you present it this way. Then, you’ll learn the 4 steps of selling so you know how to present value to your prospects while also generating revenue for your business.

Hacking the Facebook Algorithm with your Business Page

Learn how to create your online marketing calendar. You'll learn why keeping a marketing calendar is so important and what to fill it up with so there is constantly a buzz surrounding your school. You'll also see example content we use so you can emulate it and follow suit on your own channels.


Mass Enrollments and How to Pack Them

Learn how to enroll dozens of new students into your program in 1 hour. You’ll learn the “mass enrollment” system we use to sign up new students in masses. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know the way to sign up batches of new students into your program even if you’re a one-man team.

Becoming A Social Media Powerhouse

You’re going to learn a complete framework for optimizing your Facebook Business Page. We’re going to take you line by line, tab by tab so your Business Profile is head and shoulders above the competition. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know all the tiny, yet critical details of a Facebook Business Page that will help grow your business.


Maximizing Your Revenue with the 5 Profit Centers

Getting new students is not the end all be all to growing your business. You’re going to learn how to truly generate revenue for your martial arts school. You’ll learn the 5 profit centers that are foundational for every martial arts school and how to implement in everything you do right away.

Building Your Tribe through Facebook Groups

You’re going to learn how to use Facebook Groups to drive engagement with your members. We’re going to show you how to connect more outside of class and build a tribe online. You’ll learn how to build a highly active and highly engaged Facebook Group so people feel a part of something that is bigger than just kicks and punches.


Maximizing Off-Site Booths by Getting Appointments Not Leads

Just being online in your community isn’t enough, you also need to be on the ground building relationships. And there’s no better way to do that than with off-site booths. We’ll show you how to get an off-site booth for an event, how to book appointments at the event and how to follow up with those appointments at your school so they enroll in your program.

Facebook Ads Manager - Objectives

You’re going to learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll learn why so many people advertise on Facebook, why it can dramatically improve your business and the 3 levels of a Facebook ad: Campaign, Ad Set & Creative. Then, we’ll dive into campaign objectives so you know how they work, which ones to use and which ones not to use. 


The 1 Thing You MUST do to Maximize Profitability

If you're like a lot of school owners, the majority of your revenue comes from membership billing. The only way to grow revenue is to add new students. Well, in this lesson, we are going to show you how to get off the new student “hamster wheel” and generate revenue without adding a single new student. This one tweak will maximize profitability and increase retention in your school.

Facebook Ads Manager - Audiences 

You’re going to learn how to determine your ad set within Facebook Ads Manager. We’ll take you through the who, the what and the how: Who do you send your ad to? What do you say? How much should you spend? Then you’ll learn about the 4 custom audiences we use to generate sales in our schools.


Generating Tens of Thousands With Your Appointment Book

Gathering leads and building your email list is a valuable asset for your business. However, nothing is more valuable than people walking through the door. In this lesson, you’ll learn the formula we use for booking appointments with prospects that generates tens of thousands of dollars for your school.

Facebook Ads Manager - Creatives

Finally, you’re going to learn how to produce creatives for your Facebook Ads.  We’ll show you how to write compelling copy and take dynamic photos of your school so it converts in the ads. By the end of this lesson, you will be fully equipped to send out your first Facebook ad and get more people in your door.

How It Works

1. Join the bi-weekly webinar

Enter the bi-weekly webinar every other Tuesday at 1pm CT (2pm ET).  

2. Connect, review and ask questions

Join the Foundations Facebook Group to ask questions to the instructors and review the materials with the group. 

3. Take action on what you learned

Implement what you’ve learned and apply the newfound knowledge to your school. 

Your Instructors

Mike Metzger - Orlando, FL

Co-owner of 9 schools in Orlando and Lead MAIA Elite Consultant  

Mike Metzger has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation to improve their processes, systems, and profitability. He personally owns and operates 9 schools so his knowledge, insight and coaching come from the experience he's gained in the industry for the past several decades. Whether you have 10 students or 100, his coaching can put you on a realistic path to reach the goals you set. 

Shane Tassoul - Appleton, WI

Owner of Championship Martial Arts - Appleton and MAIA Elite Consultant

Shane has story that's almost hard to believe. Five short years ago, he found himself walking a couple of miles to make the Martial Arts SuperShow seminars in Las Vegas. With the knowledge he gained there coupled with his changed mindset and mentor, Mr. Tassoul has gone from bankrupt to six-figure income. He is a master of systems and works tirelessly to streamline processes in his schools and for his Elite clients. 

Cris Rodriguez - Tampa, FL

Co-owner of Gracie PAC MMA and MAIA Digital Marketing Specialist

Cris Rodriguez is a teacher at heart. It's her passion to teach you so you can, in turn, teach others and impact their lives through martial arts. Cris has spent the last 10 years studying digital marketing and it has had a profound impact on her school, Gracie PAC MMA. She is determined to help you grow in social media so you can serve more people in your community.

"There is simply no question about whether this will be a good investment for your business...if you want to get ahead of the competition, take this course! Plus, Cris Rodriguez gives some of the most comprehensive feedback -- she will help you see exactly what you need to do for success with the online/social media marketing world!"

Bridgette Crocker
Integrity Martial Arts, Moore, OK

"I thought we had a decent handle on our social media, but I was so wrong. This is an absolute must for any school no matter the size. The knowledge Cris Rodriguez shares is worth so much more than the cost. It’s really a no brainer!"

Diana Nakarmi
Pentagon MMA, Arlington, VA

"MAIA has given us a wealth of information and resources to grow and improve our Academy. It has been so helpful learning from each other and being able to brainstorm and share ideas with the best in the martial arts industry! "

Jen Maloney-Gili
Elite Martial Arts, Melbourne, FL

"We were black belts in martial arts but white belts in business. MAIA helped us become professionals in running our school like a business but also kept the integrity of true martial artist!"

Krista Sky
Sky Centers Martial Arts, Lombard, IL

What You Actually Get

  • Live Group Coaching for Business and Social Media. Every other week, you'll learn about either a business maximizer to help you improve your business or a social media tutorial to help you improve online. By the end of this training, you'll know exactly how to attract leads to your school using Facebook and what to do with them after they walk in to enroll them into your program.
  • Access to the Foundations Facebook Group for you and another member of your team. You and another team member will get access to the MAIA Foundations Facebook Group where you can go to ask questions about the content and get help from the MAIA coaches on each topic inside the training.
  • Recorded Training Sessions. You'll be able to watch the trainings so you can focus on them in your free time. If you can’t make the call when it's live, no problem. You'll have access to the recording. And if you want to re-watch the call, you have that option too so you can fully master the topic.

Bonus #1 – A 6-Month Subscription to MAIA EDGE

Bonus #1 is a 6-month subscription to MAIA Edge. MAIA Edge is a one-stop shop for growing your martial arts school. You’ll get access to this resource that is packed full of videos, tools, tutorials and marketing to help you improve the operations in your business.

Bonus #2 – 2 Free Tickets to a MAIA Elite Conference

Bonus #2 is 2 Free Tickets to a MAIA Elite Conference. You'll get to hear what's new and what's working in leading martial arts schools around the country. You will also get to meet other school owners just like you and join the Elite community at one of our quarterly events held around the country. 

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