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Motivate Your Masses: Part 2

Read part 1 here!

Motivate Your Masses: Part 2


In my last column, Motivate Your Masses: Part 1, I went over some ways that you can inspire your “masses:” your students, their parents and your staff. However, much as you won’t have the energy to work out if you haven’t eaten, you won’t have the mental energy to motivate others if you’re not keeping up with your own welfare.

Part of being a great motivator is promoting a balanced lifestyle to those you care about. Home life, work commitments, online distractions and hobbies can pull you in a million directions. Internally, things can quickly become unbalanced, causing stress and unease.

Many will come to you for answers about how to create a successful, balanced life. Your words hold weight because of your position, so hand out wisdom with care. The answers you provide will be implemented, and those outcomes are a direct reflection of your ability to lead effectively. Realize that some will excel while others will falter within any system.

Tap those who succeed to help mentor others. By granting this authority, you set up strong peer relationships within your school, thus delegating some of the heavy lifting while simultaneously creating strong bonds between students. Ultimately, it’s up to you to be the visionary for your school, to have a plan for success, and to motivate yourself and those around you to join you on this journey of excellence.

By doing this correctly, you will not only change lives but also embody what it means to be a martial artist: someone who creates and maintains harmony in the world. Yet attaining this clarity can only happen by deciding to prioritize self-care. Many school owners find themselves spread thin, caring for everyone but themselves.

Like the president, your job is to strengthen domestic issues so you’ll be a more powerful ally internationally. This means scheduling regular workouts, choosing healthy food options for yourself and going to sleep earlier to gain much-needed rest.

This pattern of behavior will bring renewed energy and allow you to have the mental focus for insights when others approach you for help with their problems. Be sure to not make your self-care a “one and done” special occasion: Set up weekly appointments for massages, hire a food-delivery service to prepare your meals or prep your own healthy meals, and enlist a workout buddy to help you be accountable with respect to hitting the gym. Set up a new and improved lifestyle that reflects your desire to excel at leadership.

These elements of self-care will give you increased mental clarity, which is perhaps the most crucial aspect of being a great motivator. Most normal people experience “on” and “off” days in random sequence. During “on” days, they look and feel their best, and that fuels their confidence and cognitive abilities to successfully tackle complex situations.

But on their “off” days, they experience feelings of doubt and insecurity that prevent them from achieving their goals. Although this back-and-forth pattern is normal, most do not realize it is primarily due to diet, exercise and sleep.

By embracing that trio correctly, as detailed in my SLEEK NINJA program, you not only will have fewer “off” days but also will set an excellent example for others to follow. This motivating, positive behavior invites others.

This proactive approach is utilized by top leaders globally. To glean inspiration for themselves, many dojo owners choose to watch short-form videos online from the thought leaders of our time. From these, you can pull out ideas, watch tried-and-true methods and expand your motivational vocabulary. These videos also showcase a spectrum of motivational styles you can adapt to suit your own approach.

Not all styles work for everyone, so having and understanding several different methods will enable you to be a better communicator across the board.



Eric the Trainer (Eric P. Fleishman) is a Hollywood-based celebrity personal trainer with more than 28 years of experience. He has worked with top actors and musicians, MMA fighters and the military. He hosts the popular TV show "Celebrity Sweat,” which you can watch on Amazon Prime. His enthusiastic message of living a healthy life has been adopted by many groups, most recently the American Culinary Federation.


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