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Motivate Your Masses, Part 1

motivation Jul 06, 2019

By Eric Fleishman


What transforms a normal martial arts dojo into a life-changing hall of enlightenment? The answer is you! Your ability to connect with your students and their parents, and communicate effectively with your staff, is at the heart of what makes your establishment great.


Even more specifically, what kind of interaction are you offering (or, what kind should you be offering) to these key individuals? They need positive reinforcement of their decision to train or work with you, and they look to you to inspire them. With the right motivation, your instructors, students, parents and even vendors will follow you to the ends of the earth.


It starts with having a winning, positive attitude. How you treat those around you sets the precedent for how they will feel, and in turn, how they will treat others. So how does one create, maintain, and develop this incredibly powerful point of view?


You need to be an expert in leading by example, which means being the consummate professional. No matter what is happening in your personal life, you must maintain your professionalism at work. Like a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night, your constituency looks to you for guidance and direction as the head of the school. By setting a friendly, helpful, informative tone, you insure that both students and instructors will conduct themselves in a polite, orderly fashion.


Part of this leadership role may also require advising those who seek your counsel. In these instances, lending a sympathetic ear is half the battle. Being a good listener is an acquired skill that is every bit as important as giving thoughtful advice.


During these interactions, staying positive is key. Suggesting solutions to complicated problems may require some soul-searching for both of you. But remember to ultimately keep your eye on the prize: Always try to be the example for others to follow and emulate at work.


Motivation also requires a concerted amount of energy, so regular exercise, a healthy diet, and proper sleep are key factors. All three elements aligned are the best recipe for ultimate success in building your motivational energy!


My SLEEK NINJA plan captures these elements, along with the added benefit of increasing your good looks – an amazing addition which surely will supercharge your own confidence!


Always remember that within the confines of my SLEEK NINJA plan, the science of change (exercise, diet, sleep) not only targets an obvious external change but also ignites increased brain function and good feelings due to a rise in internal circulatory currents and endorphins. That means you’ll have a lot more pep in your step as you lead the troops from battle to battle! From the perspective of successfully driving sales of new memberships, many times you’ll hear a client say afterwards, “I liked his energy.”


Seizing the moment to inspire is a key feature of great leaders. They saying “You get what you give,” applies to energy and attitude, so become that authentic leader who reaches out to others and delivers praise from the heart. This proactive approach will communicate that although you’re aware of the realities of daily business within the dojo, you still take time to notice and appreciate all members your team and their hard work.


Delivering feedback on a regular basis also displays your personable side, revealing how much you care about your people. Invest time and compassion in them, and their performance will reflect that added care. Staying positive both inside and outside of work sets the example for others that there is always a solution available to tackle tough problems. In instances when membership is low, student’s attendance falters, or instructors display low morale, see it as a temporary situation and set up challenges to overcome these obstacles.  


Eric the Trainer (Eric P. Fleishman) is a Hollywood-based celebrity personal trainer with over 28 years’ experience. He has worked with top actors and musicians, MMA fighters, and the military. He hosts the popular TV show "Celebrity Sweat,” which you can watch on Amazon Prime. His enthusiastic message of living a healthy life has been adopted by many groups, most recently the American Culinary Federation.

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