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Which summer is yours?

What do you think of when you hear the word "summer"?

• Do you think of traveling?
• Vacations?
• Time at the beach or the pool?

Unfortunately for some school owners, when they hear the word summer, they think:

• Low revenue
• Tons of freezes
• Empty mats

If that’s you, this blog was perfectly crafted with you in mind.

When I first started working with Mr. Metzger, he taught me some marketing gold.

He said, “There are 3 times a year in your school where you have to increase your
marketing efforts."

Those times are:

• Going into summer
• Coming out of summer
• And going into the new year

Why is it you might ask that those 3 specific times are when you should go pedal to the metal with your marketing?

It’s because during those times, people are making transitions that affect their day-to-day lives.

When it’s summer time, school is ending, vacation time is taken, new activities are booked, and our typical routine is shaken up.

When it’s school time, summer is ending, we are heading back into a “normal routine”, and less vacation time is occurring.

Then we have the New Year where there has been time off from work and school, a change to our normal routine again, and then resolutions are made for a brighter upcoming year.

These 3 times a year are not only times where you can lose a lot of students, but they are also great times that you can gain a lot of students.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes I see school owners making is that they aren’t increasing their marketing spend during those times.

A typical school owner will look at their marketing budget like this:

"I have $12,000 this year for my marketing budget, so I am going to use $1,000 per

The better game plan is to increase your marketing spend during the 3 times of the year we’ve been speaking about.

As a rule of thumb, the recommendation for your marketing budget should be a minimum of 10% of your gross revenue.

So if you are grossing $15,000 per month, you should put aside $1,500 each month for marketing.

If you are wanting to have a surge of growth, I would increase that number to 12% - 15%.

As April is now here, you’ve got to be preparing for summer.

Even though it might seem still “far away,” you really have about 8 weeks to ensure that your school doesn’t hit a “lull”.

Due to what some in our industry call the “slower summer months”, many school owners opt to run full-day summer camps.

And while it's a good option that can bring in a ton of profit, it also comes at the price of long hours, more liability, and a potentially exhausted staff.

Believe it or not, you don’t NEED to run full day camps to make your summer profitable.

All you need are solid strategies.

If you’ve been a follower of our blog for the past few years, you know that we believe there are 3 things that you must do in your marital arts school to find success.

And we call them “The 3 R’s”

You’ve got to recruit new students, you’ve got to retain the ones you have, and you’ve got to increase your revenue.

Everything you do in your school is going to fall into one of those 3 categories.

And when they're in sync, you can say “bye-bye-bye” to your business worries.

Recently, myself, Mr. Metzger, and Mr. Tassoul put on a free 5-Day Lead Challenge. We had over 250 school owners participate. and the feedback we received was incredible.

If you’re looking for a free resource, I would definitely check it out by clicking here:

If you’re looking for something more specific to summer, then I invite you to check out our 2021 Summer Success Plan:

Myself, Mr. Metzger, and Mr. Tassoul will be putting on a 5-day coaching program that will bring you 5 strategies that will boost your summer profits without doing full day summer camps.

So whatever you do, do SOMETHING to be sure your summer isn't your slowest time of year!

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