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The Martial Arts SuperShow — Something for Everyone

By MAIA Executive Director Frank Silverman


As we begin to approach the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow, the world’s biggest martial arts business convention, this summer, I want to address the six groups of schools we market to that attend the show. They are:

  • schools not yet open
  • small schools
  • medium schools (I call them potential “break-outs”)
  • large schools
  • super-large schools
  • multi-school operations


Of the group, we tend to get the highest participation among the middle three: small, medium and large. That said, in any given year there can to be more of one than another, with no rhyme or reason as to why.


First, let me address the idea among some school owners about attending the event. They believe their school is too small, or that it’s too big, or that they are not a success, or that they are too successful to benefit from the Show. This last statement is not true and, in fact, is exactly the opposite.


Whether you are ready to open your doors for the first time or are the largest school in the country, the SuperShow has something of benefit for you. It offers not only information but camaraderie. It offers the opportunity to give back to others in the industry, and the chance to walk the walk with those who once were like you and who may want to be just like you are now. It offers the chance to meet and work out with some of the legends in our industry.


The Show is everyone’s show. It is not for big schools or small schools any more than it is for successful or unsuccessful schools. When the CEO of Century, Mike Dillard, started this event 18 years ago, he built it for everyone. Make no mistake, he wants the Show to be a catalyst to help all schools become more successful.


Nevertheless, Mr.Dillard, the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) and the entire team behind the Show are very clear: Success is measured individually, on both one’s goals and desires. It is not determined by the size of the school or gym.


To that end, the SuperShow is a secure environment for all of us in the industry. Again, big, small and multi-schools — and everyone in between — is welcomed to this event.


At the SuperShow, no matter your style, system or size of your school, one can look with awe at this wonderful industry in which we participate. We can all take pride in how far we have come over the years.


Here’s what each of the six kinds of schools cited above can gain from attending:


Schools that haven’t opened yet. This is the perfect opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to get the right start. You can attend seminars on marketing, retention, staffing and how to develop a solid business foundation. Visit the tradeshow floor, and you’ll meet the exhibitors with products and services that can help you get off the ground running. Get to know the Century and MAIA staffs; they are a valuable resource.


Small schools. If growing is your desire, and only if that’s what you desire, attend the small-school Business Forum. Learn the steps to move to the next level from Elite Consultants Mike Metzger of Florida and Shane Tassoul of Wisconsin. Both of them own multiple successful schools.


Medium and larger schools. Join Robby Beard and me in the larger-school Business Forum. Every year, we work with the companies I refer to as “break-out schools.” We coach them to achieve higher student counts and bigger profits.


Large and super-large schools. It’s hard to move the needle when you have 400 or even 800 active students. However, that’s why the Show is perfect for you. Yes, we all can learn from someone. But more importantly, just one idea or a tweak of an existing idea can change or alter your results by the smallest of percentages. In a big school, those small percentages translate to big dollars!


Multi-schools. This category of inquisitive owner is always working on staff questions and issues. What better place to get answers than networking with those who are living the same life as you? At the Show, you can get to network with and learn from literally hundreds of your peers.


All of the above benefits are available when you attend the event with an open mind.


I hope to see an influx of both new and repeat schools at this year’s Show. Please know there is a spot for you there everyone and our goal is to help you reach your goal, no matter what that goal may be.


To sign up for the Martial ArtsSuperShow or get for more information, visit or call MAIA at (866) 626-6226.


Contact Frank Silverman at [email protected]. Follow Frank on Twitter and Facebook @franksilverman.


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