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Increase Retail Sales & Retention This Month With a Square Hand Target Seminar

free resource May 14, 2019

Learn how to generate more revenue this month with a Square Hand Target Seminar. Download the free marketing kit for the seminar here.

Note: This article originally appeared in the May 2019 Century Update.

By: Mike Metzger, Lead MAIA Consultant


Do you want a great way to generate retail revenue, increase retention and get new students?

A square hand target seminar is a perfect event to build skills with your students, encourage them to practice at home and aid in retention and recruiting. Retail revenue is one of the biggest missed revenue streams in most martial art schools and this event is a huge retail revenue generator. This is something you can do with very little planning and prep work. You can download the marketing kit here.

  • Film yourself doing 10-20 drills that you will be covering in the seminar so that you can include train at home content for the students.
  • Hang up posters promoting the event and display 8-10 square hand targets on a table.
  • Make announcement to the class that you will be holding a FREE Square Hand Target Seminar to improve power, speed and accuracy.
  • Let students know that the only requirement is that they must purchase a square hand target.
  • Tell students that they can bring a friend or parent for FREE, as they will be learning partner drills.
  • Tell students that included with the seminar will be a video (which can be a file, a link or a jump drive) so they can remember and practice the techniques that they learn.
  • Be sure to let everyone know that they must sign up in advance because space is limited.
  • Take square hand targets off the table as people sign up and buy them. When there are only 3 or 4 left put out a few more. Make sure to determine how many people you want at the event.
  • When you hold the event, make sure to use fun applicable drills. During the event you can also allow participants to borrow a second hand target for more advanced drills.
  • When the event is over you can offer 20% off the second hand targets that were used if anybody wants a second one (this is not a hard sell, just an offer).
  • Offer a free one week pass and private intro lesson for all non-students who attended, and set up appointments that day if possible. If the non-student is a child who did not have a parent with them, make sure to get contact info so you can follow up with them to set up an appointment to come in and try your classes.

To get started with your Square Hand Target Seminar, download the free marketing kit now.

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