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Take the Sleek Ninja Free Challenge

free resource Jan 30, 2020

Do you want to get your mind AND body right in 2020 so you can be the best example to your students?

Then take the Free 7-Day Sleek Ninja Challenge from Hollywood physique expert, Eric the Trainer.

The holidays are a wonderful time to see family, celebrate the season, and reflect on this past year. How can we make 2020 a more profitable year, increase enrollment, and build excitement in and out of the dojo? By incorporating Sleek Ninja fitness classes into your curriculum.

The beginning part of the year is traditionally the biggest fitness time with people looking to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. And with so many parents of your students looking for new, exciting classes, you’ll want to take advantage of this national trend by launching a fitness program.

This is a great way to get more adults included in your classes and make use of those early morning hours when your school is typically empty.

Sleek Ninja is a physical transformation program based in your school which aligns your students exercise, diet, and sleep. Remember, at this time of year there is no better investment than investing in your health.

Provide the dynamic opportunity of Sleek Ninja and watch the excitement build!

 Eric has recorded a free workout that you can do for 7 days to get you primed and ready for the year. If you don't know Eric, he is the host of Celebrity Sweat and has worked with a number of Hollywood celebrities that come to him for training. He is also a martial artist himself.

So if you want to get ready for the new year, take the free 7-day Fitness Challenge. And then get ready to train with Eric in person at the 2020 Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas! Visit for tickets.

 Take the 7-Day Challenge Today:

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