Reaching for My Goal

By MAIA Executive Director Frank Silverman


As we approach April, it’s hard to believe that the year is nearly 25% over! A quarter of 2019 is done and in the history books! But despite the jarring reminder that we cannot stop time, and that it does indeed fly, this is a great time of year. We are getting closer to summer and to the annual Martial Arts SuperShow, scheduled in late June and early July in Las Vegas. Now is a good time to look back and see if your business plan is on track for 2019.

Goals come in different shapes and sizes. Maybe you set a goal for your school’s student count. Maybe you identified an income level to attain.

Perhaps your goals are less about the business of martial arts and more about training. For example, did you want to train more, compete in an event or earn a specific rank?

Maybe you set goals related to your business and passion, the martial arts, but are geared towards your personal life: for instance, being able to be at work less and spend more time at home with family. Achieving it could be as simple as enrolling more members.

Whatever your goals, now is the perfect time for a checkup.

If you are on track, that is super, but it’s fair to ask: are you on target from hard work or was the goal too easy? If it’s the latter, then tighten it up a bit. If you’ve fallen short of your goals to date, now is the time to determine how to re-motivate and reinvigorate yourself.

There is nothing wrong if you are short on reaching your goals. What counts is the end game, and there is always time to tweak and reset your plan.

I’d like to share one of my goals for 2019. It is to have a 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow second to none! That’s a pretty tough goal, given that we have hosted some pretty great events in the last 17 years.

In years past, we have had some famous and elite speakers, such as Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth) Navy SEAL hero Marcus Luttrell, TV’s Shark Tank business investor Daymond John and life coach Tony Robbins.

Hollywood celebs, like Billy Jack’s Tom Laughlin and Kung Fu’s David Carradine, have also graced our stage.

That said, you may have heard the rumor that is not a rumor! Master Chuck Norris is attending this year’s event and will be the focus of the General Session. Or, better said with some pivots and a parry, this year’s opening evening is actually an “event kick-off.”

Many people have had a huge impact on the arts, and many have attended the show and received the Lifetime Achievement Award, as Master Norris has in the past. Arguably, he has had as large an impact on this industry as anyone. Master Norris, as a competitor and a movie and television star, helped to change and grow the martial arts here in America and throughout the world.

He has had a positive impact on all facets of the martial arts world, including both traditional and non-traditional arts, the business of martial arts, and how we regard as safety and competition. His philanthropy has helped more at-risk youth than one can count.

It is truly an honor to have Master Norris not only attend, but participate in the Show. I’m confident that having him at the 2019 SuperShow will help me get a step closer to my goal. It is sure to make a difference. I’m also confident that meeting him and/or hearing him speak at an event is on many participants’ bucket lists.

Please keep in mind that as exciting as it is to have Master Chuck Norris at this year’s event, his presence is only a fraction of what the MASuperShow has to offer. There is so much to learn, see and do. We’ll have seminars for business and for training, and seminars on how to teach, who to teach and what to teach. The sky is the limit at the annual SuperShow!

You can help me reach my goal by investing in your future as an attendee. Of course, numbers of participants alone doesn’t determine whether or not the event is a success, but it sure does help. So, as a goal, it would be great to have well over 2000 participants this year!

Register today to experience the education, training and fun at the 2019 MASuperShow. Sign up and join Master Norris and other industry experts at the best martial arts professional event of the year. Register online at or call (866) 626-6226.


            Contact Frank Silverman at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter and Facebook @franksilverman.

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