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Plotting A New Course! The MAIA Launch Program And The Schools It Propelled To Success

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2017

The MAIA Launch program was built, in part to dispel the myth that getting more bodies through the front door is an automatic marker of success. The program focuses on the reality that making adjustments to the way a martial arts school is running can completely change the trajectory of that school.

The layout of the program is simple: weekly conference calls, each tackling a different problem facing school owners across the nation and around the world. Then a Facebook based accountability group, moderated by mentors Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul.

School owners share the ways the program put them and their schools on a new positive trajectory.

Ted Guerrero, Red Dragon Shou Shu, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA:

Before joining the MAIA Launch program, Ted Guerrero says he was running a martial arts school as a hobby and pretending it was a business. He knew he needed more time on the mat but his school wasn’t making enough money for him to quit his full-time job.

Guerrero attended the 2016 Martial Arts SuperShow and made the decision to try MAIA Launch on the spot.

He quickly saw results. He says his first big win came because of the first week’s class on pricing structure and the wins kept coming. Guerra says the little changes he was able to make as he progressed through MAIA Launch made a huge difference.

Today, Guerrero is able to teach full time. He says the program gave him the tools he needed to double his student enrollment, and more than double his monthly gross.

Scott and Julie Mischke, Lantana Taekwondo, Bartonville, TX

Scott and Julie Mischke had only owned their school about a month before the MAIA Launch program started.

Julie had previously worked for a MAIA member school and witnessed the growth that they had. That familiarity led her to the Martial Arts SuperShow where she met Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul. They told her she wasn’t quite ready for the MAIA Elite program but that MAIA Launch was perfect for their school.

Julie and Scott joined and immediately saw results. With the program, they were able to get the right pricing, class schedule, upgrade program and other school administrative things in place from the beginning. The MAIA Launch program did exactly what it was intended to do: it set them up for permanent success.

Scott and Julie made $8,000 their first month in the program and hit the 100-student mark in just seven months.

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