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Plan Your Summer Now!

maia mentor Feb 24, 2020

by Mike Metzger, MAIA Consultant


When I speak with school owners about the challenges they face, one of the most consistent themes is the struggle to keep business thriving during the summer months. One way, of course, is to run daylong camps. These camps can last for one week or several and are a great way to generate revenue. However, not every school owner wants to or can spend all day at his or her dojo. It’s for these martial artists that I offer the following four ways to create value, excitement and revenue during the summer while working normal afterschool hours.


Private-Lesson Packages

Regardless of when summer break starts in your area, you can offer a private-lesson package based for eight weeks. Bundle those private lessons as once-a-week hourlong sessions and offer as many or as few as you have time to teach. An eight-week, eight-lesson private training package can sell for $480.

To make this package even more appealing, offer different themes. For example, students can have the option to buy a package for sparring, weapons or curriculum — or a combination package that includes training in all areas. If you sell just five such packages, you’ll generate an extra $2,400 over the eight weeks.


Adult Self-Defense Series

If you want to earn extra money by working just one additional hour per week, offer an eight-week self-defense program for adults. Like the private lessons mentioned above, this class should be held one day a week, with classes lasting an hour. Adults can sign up for the entire eight-week program for just $99. If you enroll just 10 people, this will bring in nearly $1,000. Make sure to hand out a flier letting people know what will be covered each week.


Mini-Seminar Series

Using the same one-hour-a-day, one-day-a-week setup, create an eight-week course composed of mini-seminars. These can focus on different techniques you use in your curriculum, or you can offer students the chance to try something new. For example, if you run a traditional karate dojo, you might have six seminars on karate concepts (kicking, punching, blocking, weapons, etc.), one on self-defense and one on grappling.

Charge students $10 per seminar, or offer a bundle that lets them buy all eight for $49. (This deal is nonrefundable. If they sign up for all eight but miss four, they don’t get money back for the skipped seminars). If you convince 10 students to sign up, this will net almost $500.


Christmas-in-July Sale

Holding a big sale in July is a great way to increase revenue, blow out stock and save your students money on not only retail but also programs, events, private lessons and anything else you offer. Make this sale run for one week only during your regular classes in July. Place items, along with Century catalogs, on tables and let your students know that for one week only, they can save big on products and services. Take several orders during the week if you’d rather not preorder a bunch of items at the same time. Without much extra work, you’ll bring in hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars.


I hope these suggestions have given you ideas for generating revenue without working long hours during the summer months. Summer is typically a time when school owners struggle financially, but with these simple programs, this can become one of your best times of the year.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with a MAIA consultant to get additional details, call (866) 626-6226. We are more than happy to help.


To contact Mike Metzger, send an email to [email protected].


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