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Pathway to Success

There is no shortage of knowledge in our industry.

There are great coaches and consultants out there (and some not so great ones too) that will give you all of their knowledge.

Information is plentiful thanks to Google and YouTube (I joke all the time that I built a 7 figure business off of using those two platforms as resources).

So the issue isn’t information and knowledge. The information is WHERE DO I START?

All of us are in unique places in our martial arts schools.

Some of us are just getting started.  Some of us have been at this for decades.
Some of us are struggling with recruiting, others with retention.

So where do you START?

I think why most coaching and consulting programs fail is because they word vomit all of their knowledge onto a school owner without providing them with a timeline of what they should implement based on where they are in their business.

This is why MAIA is a step above the rest. Our model provides a Pathway to Success , and our programs are crafted for school owners based on where they are in their  businesses.

MAIA Edge — An online resource for ALL school owners, big or small that provides you with graphics for all of your events and offers a monthly social media calendar, business training videos, and more. 

MAIA Foundations — An 8-week course to lay the proper foundational systems in your business so you can grow.

MAIA Growth — A 6-month group coaching program which builds off of your foundational systems and now starts implementing Marketing and Digital
Marketing into your strategy that will help you get to $10K per month in revenue so
you can join our Elite Program.

MAIA Elite — Our famous 1-on-1 & group coaching program for schools that are doing at least $10K per month in revenue. With 3 annual conferences, access to the top consultants in the industry, 1-on-1 coaching, and group coaching, this is for the Elite School Owner.

MAIA Wealth — Our top tier program for school owners who have a consistent positive cash flow and are ready to start investing and preparing for retirement.  This isn’t about your schedule or pricing structure, this is about improving your Family Tree.

I wanted to break down our Foundations and Growth programs so you can see exactly how the process works.

MAIA Foundations focuses on the 4 Foundational Systems that school owners must implement in order to maximize profitability in their schools. You receive bi-weekly zoom training sessions with Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul where they unpack:
Pricing Structure — Learn why it’s not about what you charge but how you charge your students.
Upgrade Programs — Understanding the correct way to offer upgrades in your school and why it is the largest profit center.
Class Schedule — Setting up a class schedule to maximize student count, quality programs, and retention.
Mass Enrollments — The fastest way to increase student count in your school.  

Once you have graduated from our MAIA Foundations Program, our Pathway to
Success will take you to our MAIA Growth Program.

This is a 6-month program led by Mike Metzger, Shane Tassoul, and Cris Rodriguez where we dive into 6 System Strategies and 6 Marketing Strategies to help you Recruit, Retain, and increase your Revenue:

Implementing The 5 Profit Centers & Integrated Sales
• Living & Dying By Your Appointments & the MAIA Point System
The 4-Step Enrollment Process
The 4 Steps of Selling
• Converting Leads to Students Systematically
Marketing the Free Way with Referral Programs
• The Marketing Bridge & Your KPIs
Leveraging Organic Social Media
Launching Paid Ads
Utilizing E-Mail & SMS Marketing
Using Facebook Groups to Market to Your Customers & Prospects
• Setting Up Your Minimum Viable Funnel

Once school owners graduate from MAIA Growth, it’s off to MAIA Elite where they get full access to our entire Consulting Team.

If you're in need of some help in your school (aren’t we all?), please reach out to our team for your complimentary discovery call by going to

No sales pitch.
No strings attached.
Just our way to help out our fellow school owners.

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