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Organic Social Media Posting Strategies that WORK!

digital marketing Nov 05, 2019

Social media doesn't have to be hard. Try these organic posting today and improve your following. If you want a done-for-you Social Media Calendar, check out MAIA Edge.


By: Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Digital Marketing Expert

As most of us know, The Facebook Ads Platform is a pay to play platform. Or as I like to call it, an invest for success platform.

But I hear it all the time - “Cris, Facebook Ads don’t work for me.”

Or, “I boosted a post and I didn’t get any new students.”

Or my personal favorite, “Facebook Ads are too expensive.”

All things considered, Facebook Ads are the most cost effective way to advertise.

Tell me any other channel that you can target your EXACT Avatar (insert explanation of Avatar here), show them the perfect messaging, at the perfect time, and convert them.

It’s truly amazing the power of digital marketing.

However, what most school owners don’t understand is that your Organic efforts actually can help drive DOWN the cost of your advertising.

So why aren’t more schools leveraging this FREE form of advertising?

It’s pretty simple actually, it’s because they aren’t sure what to post and they aren’t consistent with posting.

Today I am going to teach you my “E.C.O. System” which will guarantee those vanity metrics that we all like to see (likes, loves, comments, and shares), make your FB Biz Page the most popping party page that everyone wants to be a Top Fan of, and more importantly, will help drive down your costs when you do go and advertise on the FB Ads Manager.

An “eco system” can be defined generally as an interconnected system.

This is how I want you to view your Organic and Paid Efforts on the Facebook Platform.

They are an interconnected system.

Follow these 3 steps and you are going to see better results on the platform. Period.


“E” in E.C.O. - Engagement with Edutainment

We all know that in order to be an amazing Instructor on the Mat, you HAVE to utilize


“Edutainment” is basically entertainment, with an educational aspect.

In order to keep that 5 year olds attention while we are teaching the Flower Sweep from Guard, we HAVE to make it FUN.

Heck - in order to keep that 35 year olds attention - we have to make it FUN!

Your Facebook Business Page MUST be Entertaining.

Think about the reason people are going on Facebook in the first place - it’s usually because they are bored and are looking to be entertained.

And since our ultimate goal for driving traffic with our Facebook Business Page is to convert prospects into members - we also need to Educate our Audience as well.

When we educate people - we empower them.

Eugene Schwartz, an advertising icon and known as one of the best Copy Writers of all time famously wrote about the 5 Levels of Marketing.

When you understand where your prospect is at in their Customer Journey, you will be able to raft ad copy that actually persuades them to act.

The 5 Levels are:

Most Aware. These are your best customers – your multi-buyers. They're brand loyal. They're enthusiastic about your products. They attend your customer events.

Product Aware. These prospects know your product, but haven't bought it. They're familiar with your competitors' offerings. They're just not sure if your solution is best for them.

Solution Aware. Solution aware prospects know about solutions like yours, but don't know your specific product or service. If your company isn't well known in their industry, they may not have heard of you.

Problem Aware. Problem aware prospects know they have a problem, and have some idea of what that problem is, but they may not completely understand it. They haven't dealt with this problem before. They're totally unfamiliar with possible solutions.

Unaware. These are prospects who don't realize they have a problem. They simply don't know a better way exists. If you have a new product that addresses a major drawback of previous solutions, most of your prospects may be at this level.

So how can you use these 5 Levels of Marketing?

Well, Educating your prospects is a great way to have them go from unaware to problem aware.

How in the world do they know they need martial arts? You have to convey that they currently have a problem and your Academy will help them solve it - and when you do this, you will now move them from problem aware to solution aware.


“C” in E.C.O. - Consistency

I think it’s fair to say that one of the biggest problems holding back students from obtaining their goals on the mat is lack of consistency.

We preach to our students about being consistent with their training in order to reach their Black Belt - so how come we aren’t practicing what we preach with our own business and digital marketing efforts.

My challenge to you is to post Daily on your Facebook Business Page.

I am not going to ask you to post 2-3 times, because I don’t want to set you up for failure - and sometimes posting too much can actually hurt you.

So stay consistent and post every day. Once.

Make sure your organic posts provide edutainment that engages your followers. On top of posting daily - you have to make sure you are actually engaging with your followers when they comment on your posts!

It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA….you have to be….well….SOCIAL!

The more you comment back, the more engagement the Facebook algorithm sees - which will ultimately help to drive down your costs when advertising.


“O” in E.C.O. - Optimization

The final stage is to make sure that your Facebook Business page is Optimized.

Did you know there are actually around 100 different “buttons” and options on your Facebook Business Page?!

Most School Owners when creating their Facebook Business Page just threw up a profit picture, some outdated cover photo that’s pixelated, and a tiny amount of information in their about section.

If you are going to be investing your time and efforts in posting daily and with engaging content - then make sure that your page is optimized to leverage this amount of traffic.

What should you make sure is Optimized? Like I said, there are around 100 different settings on the back end of your FB Business Page.

The Top 5 I recommend immediately Optimizing are:

• Your About section must be filled out completely.
• Set up monthly offers with expirations
• Create Events each month.
• Choose a Call to Action button that fits your systems
• Set Up your Messenger Settings to ensure immediate contact when someone messages your page:

Bonus Tip:

Facebook Live is one of the best ways and free ways to market right now. You should
be going live at least 2x per week in your Academy!

Our Top 3 favorite ways to leverage FB Live:

1) A What’s Up Monday Video that explains what is going on in your Academy.
2) A Behind the Scenes Video which shows one of our awesome classes in action.
3) Our Weekly Live Talk Show where we discuss important topics called “Beyond the Mat”.

Follow my 3 Step “E.C.O. System” to see better Organic & Paid Results (remember -
they are an interconnected system!)

If you still need help with exactly what to post - check out MAIA Edge.

Brand new to the platform, each month they now provide you with a Done For You
Social Media Calendar.


This Calendar tells you exactly what to post, what to say (literally just copy and paste),
and gives you high quality resolution images to use.

And it’s only a tiny part of what MAIA Edge has to offer.

And at $149 per month…it really is a no brainer.

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