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Traditional Forms of Offline Marketing That Still Work Right Now

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

With everything moving to digital, there is a huge opportunity to provide immense value in traditional ways. Try these 5 tips below.


By: Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Digital Marketing Expert

While Digital Marketing is the medium in which everything is happening nowadays, traditional forms of marketing can still play a role in supporting and uplifting your current marketing efforts.

Here are 5 Forms of Offline Marketing, as well as some examples demonstrative to that fact.

#1: Hand-Written Thank You Cards

For every single one of your members that has stuck with you through this, you should take the time to sit down and hand-write them a thank you card. It will go a LONG way.

Think about it, what's the only thing adults get in the mail? BILLS!

So imagine your member's surprise when they go out to grab their mail and find a PERSONALIZED letter from their Martial Arts Academy?

They will not only be elated but feel appreciated as well.

#2: Business to Business Relationships

Now yes, I am well aware that most businesses are closed right now.

However there are still grocery stores, and most restaurants are offering delivery or pickup services.

Think about how you can position yourself with that business to get your Rack Cards in their bags.

One thing we've done at Gracie PAC is a "Pizza Party" for 1 family a week.

Our students do exercise and chore challenges to earn points each week.

Whoever reaches 20 points gets their name entered into a drawing; if they're picked, we deliver a pizza from a local restaurant right to their door!

This not only keeps our members engaged and excited but builds rapport with local businesses and helps them generate revenue.

That is the main advantage with Business to Business relationships: Build Rapport, create Marketing Opportunities, and Generate Revenue.

#3: Referrals

If I had a choice between a Referral Lead and a Facebook Lead, I'm taking that Referral Lead EVERY TIME.

Ask your members for help!

Nothing qualifies a lead more, ensures they show up to their appointments and gets them excited about joining your academy more than having a FRIEND who's already there!

Your members are your biggest advocates; nothing beats firsthand experience.

When a potential lead is hearing how amazing you are from someone they know and trust - half the battle is already won.

You're asking your members to advocate for something they love, to people they care about. It doesn't get much easier than that.

#4: Buddy Day/Buddy Week

All of your kid students have friends who are stuck at home as well.

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip; not only are the leads more qualified, but the parents need something for their kid to do as well!

Hosting a Free Community Event, Buddy Day/Week where you tell your students, "Do you want your friends to become Ninjas like you guys? Have them join you next class!" allows you to get leads in your classes EASILY, and enables you to follow up and pitch your offer afterwards.

#5: Direct Mail

If you've never done a direct-mail marketing campaign, now is the time to do it.

Need I even explain why? Everyone is AT HOME!

People can ignore your rack cards, delete your emails, and scroll past your ads online.

But they're not going to stop living in their house.

Direct Mail is a great way to expose potential leads to your academy in a form they HAVE TO acknowledge, and at the very least, it keeps you top-of-mind for when this is all over.

Hope you all have enjoyed these 5 Traditional Offline Marketing Strategies that STILL WORK! Now go and get marketing!

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