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My Top 5 Productivity Hacks

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Productivity is one of the most underrated skill sets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn these 5 productivity hacks today and start improving your daily habits.


By: Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Digital Marketing Consultant

Productivity is a skill set that you have to develop and it truly goes hand in hand with organization.

I get asked almost on a daily basis how I am able to juggle running 4 companies on top of being MAIA’s Digital Marketing Consultant.

My answer is pretty simple: I have adapted daily habits that allow me to be organized and productive.

Let’s dive into my Top 5 Productivity Hacks.


1 - Plan Your Day the Night Before

Going to bed each night having a clear vision of what the next day is going to look like not only helps you become more productivity, it actually helps you sleep better. Create your “To-Do List” before you settle in for the night and when you wake up you will have all of your priorities for the day ready to crush.


2 - Work from a Single To Do List

This seems so beyond simple but you’d be amazed at how many people intellectually understand the concept - but still don’t take action on implementing it. A To Do List allows you to stay organized on what is required of your attention, ensures that you don’t forget anything, and also helps to increase your motivation as items get checked off of the list.


3 - Make Full Use of Technology

There are so many different apps, software platforms, and devices that can help you stay organized and productive. My personal top 3 favorites are Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Slack.

Google Calendar: I joke all the time that my boss is my Google Calendar. Every single event, meeting, and project due date goes into my Google Calendar. I have one for each business as well as a personal calendar. All of them get connected to each other so there is no overlap in regards to me needing to be in 2 places at the same time. Reminders are turned on so that I can be punctual and I color code my calendars so I can easily break down the categories.

Google Drive: Every single one of my businesses lives on Google Drive. It’s crazy to think how we used to live without prior to making the switch. The ease of everyone having access to everything they would possibly need to make their job easier is a no brainer.

Slack: This is how all of my Teams communicate. Whether you are a remote team or an on-site team, you should be leveraging the power of Slack. Who in the world likes group text messages anyway? Not me!


4 - Keep a Tidy Environment

The famous saying, “A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind” I believe holds true. While there are quite a few “famous” people who were highly disorganized, I do believe for the majority of people it’s incredibly helpful for being more productive. The more our brains are bombarded by stimuli on a cluttered desk, the less we're able to focus. When everything has it’s place, you don’t waste time searching for missing items. That time saved allows you to become more productive.

Be sure to tidy your desk after each work day. Set 5 - 10 minutes aside before you leave this way when you arrive the next day you’ll be ready to get right to work.


5 - Time Block

With so many different hats to wear as a Small Business Owner, it’s imperative that you Time Block your day. Time Blocking is simply a time management method that has you divide your day into blocks of time.

The work literally never ends when you are the owner of a Martial Arts Academy so set specific time aside every day to work on specific areas of your business. Trying to multi-task will ensure that nothing gets done, so focus on one project and task at a time.


Trying to implement all 5 of these productivity hacks can feel overwhelming, so start with 1. Becoming more productive is a skill set that you have to develop, and with anything we want to improve on we have to take action and be consistent. As one of my mentors said,  “Either you run the day or it runs you.”

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