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My Friend and Colleague, John C.

maia masuccess mentor Aug 09, 2019

By MAIA Executive Director Frank Silverman


In early May, I was in Boston at an MAIA Wealth seminar. The event was on Thursday and Friday. Since I was also hosting a business forum seminar on Saturday, my wife flew in Friday evening for one day. We had a nice dinner, and the next day I taught the seminar. We grabbed lunch in Little Italy on the North End (I love the food in Boston) and caught a flight home around 7 p.m.

It was a great weekend: a one-day getaway with my wife, great food, a successful Wealth seminar and a hugely successful business forum. But none of those things are why I will always remember this particular trip.

We were coming home from dinner at 10 p.m. As I hopped out of the Uber, my cellphone rang. The screen showed the caller’s name: John C.

“John C” is how I have had the late John Corcoran saved in my phone’s contact information and address book for 18 years. That late at night, I might not normally have seen the call, let alone picked up. But something told me to answer. Maybe, I reasoned, he needed something last-minute for MASuccess. Maybe he needed MAIA input for one of the stories.

But John wasn’t calling to discuss an article. He didn’t have a story line to run by me. He called to say, “Frankster (John always called me “Frankster” or “buddy”), I just wanted to call you to tell you I hate seeing all this hate in the world. I want you to know I love you, buddy. I wish everyone could get along.”

At the time, I thought it a strange call. In the 18 years I had known him, we had never once talked politics. But for some reason, we did on that call. We talk about “just getting along.” We talked about his health — which he acknowledged was not great, although he indicated that he was doing OK. As a matter of fact, he let me know how much he had schooled the doctors for not getting it right over the past year — totally John Corcoran style. We spoke for about 20 minutes, none of it about the business of martial arts.

I will remember this trip to Boston not so much for the successful business events or even the mini-vacay with my wife, but for the last call I would ever get from my friend and colleague. Today, I realize that this call was his farewell to me.

A little over a week after we spoke, John passed away. In my phone, he was just John C., but in real life, he was so much more: caring, thoughtful, funny, a little bit crazy, a lot bit fun and all-around super great guy — and the best editor I’ve ever worked with. I’m a better person for having had his friendship. I will miss him and will never forget him.

I am glad that I happened to see and answer that phone call. Thank you, John — love you, buddy!



Contact Frank Silverman at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter and Facebook @franksilverman.

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