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MAIA Team Member Spotlight: Roger Cowan

maia Mar 26, 2019

If you're reading this blog, chances are, you're familiar with MAIA, or the Martial Arts Industry Association. But just because you know MAIA as an organization, you may not be familiar with all the individual team members. They do an amazing job, and are just as passionate about the work they do as you are. We're making this series of blog posts to shine the light on our MAIA team members and the amazing work they do! 

This post features Roger Cowan. Many of you may have spoken with him on the phone, or seen him at SuperShow. Here, you'll get to know Roger a little better!


What is your job at MAIA?

My official title is Elite Coordinator.  My job involves a lot of research, reporting, data gathering, event organizing and any of a number of odd things that need to be done.


How long have you worked with MAIA?

For nine years now!


What is something unique about the work that you do?

In any given day I could be negotiating with hotels or restaurants for an upcoming event or putting together an accounting report on MAIA curriculums.  The work I do is pretty varied, so it keeps me engaged.


What martial arts training do you do/have you done?

I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for 10 years and have been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the past year and half or so.


What business experience or training do you have?

I was in retail management in the cell phone industry for about eight years where I learned a lot about the importance of processes, systems and customer service, and I also started my own custom guitar company about six years ago.


What is the best part about working for MAIA?

The people and culture.  With every person on the team, there’s truly a desire to help the school owners who make up the industry.  It’s not just a matter of seeing how many clients we can sign up, but it really is a matter of trying to make a difference in the lives of the people who are running their own businesses.


Will we see you at the upcoming 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow, and what will you be doing there?

Absolutely! This will be my 10th SuperShow.  I’m usually parked in the MAIA booth helping anyone who may need to know more about what we do.

 Roger (foreground) helping attendees register at the 2017 Martial Arts SuperShow.


If you could address every school owner in the country in person, what would you tell them?

Don’t let fear keep you from stepping out and doing what you want to do.  With a killer work ethic and good guidance, you can be as successful as you want to be.


Finally, tell us a fun fact or piece of trivia about yourself!

I build custom guitars (some of which have sold for as much as $45,000 at charity auctions) and also have a line of guitar straps that we make right here at Century!

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