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MAIA Elite Consultant Spotlight: Jason Flame

maia mentor Sep 21, 2019

If you're reading this blog, chances are, you're familiar with MAIA, or the Martial Arts Industry Association. But just because you know MAIA as an organization, you may not be familiar with all the individual team members. They do an amazing job, and are just as passionate about the work they do as you are. We're making this series of blog posts to shine the light on our MAIA team members and the amazing work they do! 

Like many MAIA consultants, Jason Flame first entered the organization as a client then. He quickly realized two things: that MAIA’s strategies worked, and that not enough school owners were taking advantage of them. He became a MAIA Elite consultant in order to help other schools reach the same heights of success, adding his own experiences and skills to the ever-growing pool of MAIA resources.



When did your martial arts journey begin?

It was my mom who originally wanted me to enter martial arts.  It was always her dream to train in martial arts, but she never had the opportunity.  She knew how valuable martial arts and the values they taught were, and she wanted me to have that. My parents always supported me in my training. That ultimately lead to my passion for teaching, and then I was hooked for life!


Before you joined MAIA, what martial arts business experience did you have?

In 1994, I decided to start my own martial arts program at a recreation center. I was a 19-year-old high school graduate with no college degree. You could say that I learned from the School of Hard Knocks.  I decided to join MAIA as a client in 2004 and that’s when my real education began.


How long have you been a MAIA Elite Consultant?

2019 will mark my 10th year as a MAIA Consultant!



What part of your work with MAIA do you enjoy the most?

I love getting to watch my clients take their schools to the next level, wherever that may be for them.  It’s like watching a martial arts student start as a white belt and work their way to black belt. It truly is a journey.


Within the sphere of consulting, what topic do you specialize in?

My area of specialty is in Community Networking.  Over the last 25 years, my ability to grow my business by networking and making connections in my community has become my greatest strength. I share my strategies with my clients so that they and their communities can strengthen ties similarly.


What are some common problems you see during consultations? 

One of the biggest challenges I see most business owners struggle with is being able to adapt and accept change.  So many school owners get stuck doing things the way they’ve always done it and are hesitant to try something new.  They would benefit greatly by having a mentor or a coach that could help them by reducing the learning curve.



What is the single best piece of advice, overall, you give your clients?

Have an open mind!  Your way isn’t the only way.  Learn from those that are more successful than you, and realize that you, too, can succeed the same as them.


What martial arts do you train in?

My training began in 1985.  I’m currently a 7th degree black belt in American Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa, a 1st degree black belt in Ketsugo Ju Jitsu under Kyoshi Chris DePalma, a 1st degree black belt in Combat Hakido under Rio Altaie, and brown belt in Krav Maga under Grandmaster Mark Cox.


If you could address every school owner in the country in person, what would you tell them?

Keep learning, keep growing, keep training in all aspects of martial arts, business and self-growth.


Finally, tell us one fun fact or piece of trivia about yourself!

In addition to martial arts, I have been involved in Professional Wrestling since 2012.  OH YEAH! WOOO!


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