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Let the Sunshine into Your Dojo!

curriculum retention Jun 24, 2019

By Eric the Trainer


Running a martial arts school can be a challenge. Forking out money for marketing to attract new students, keeping the students that you do have enrolled, and staying current with billing can be time-consuming and grueling tasks.


Under these conditions, it can be difficult to find time to stay in shape, let alone maintain a positive outlook on life. Caught up in the daily grind, too many people lose sight of the fact that positivity is the ultimate key to success. For, like a bad case of the flu, a truly positive attitude can be wildly infectious, spreading like wildfire throughout your school and even beyond.


But how do you spark this process, and where does the magic begin? It all starts with you! The easiest way to initiate positivity in your life is to make the conscious decision to see the proverbial glass as half full. There are other steps you can take to supercharge this process, such as:


1. Go to bed earlier and cherish sleep. Sleeping is how we recharge. It delivers a level of mental clarity which supports an excellent decision-making ability.


2. Begin a daily exercise regimen. My Sleek Ninja program, which you’ll be able to try at the 2019 Martial Arts SuperShow, is great for school owners! Exercise will release powerful endorphins, that can ward off depression and deliver a sense of wellbeing to your body and mind. For many, this habit alone is a game changer. As your body responds to the exercise with the fat loss and muscle gain, the reflection in the mirror will be dynamite for your self-esteem. Remember, the adage, “Look good, feel good, do good” has its roots in a timeless pattern of success!


3. Start making smarter decisions at mealtime. Choose nutrient-dense foods that fuel your body and mind, rather than gorging empty calories. Animal-based proteins, water-based carbohydrates like fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of hydration will nourish your body, stimulate your ability to think clearly, and keep your positive mood going strong. This will take a real commitment on your part. When you find yourself mindlessly reaching for a candy bar, grab a protein bar instead (I recommend the Quest brand). It’s these small changes that will lead to massive shifts in your nutritional life.


4. Stress reduction is a must when seeking a positive shift in attitude. For some, this means delegating certain tasks to others at the dojo to keep from falling behind or feeling overwhelmed. For others, it may require putting away smartphones earlier at night to allow more time for decompression prior to bed. Either way, learning to manage stress is key for allowing positivity into your life as a constant.


Your brightened outlook will have an immediate effect upon your instructors, because the trickledown theory of management holds true. Leading by example will empower those who work with and for you to rise to the occasion and pass on good vibes to others.


The other benefit of this increase in morale is an across-the-board rise in productivity. Happy workers are more effective at completing tasks in a timely fashion. Their rosy attitudes will enhance their person-to-person contact with their students, resulting in a more enthusiastic group of pupils. This process will propel your dojo’s overall reputation to a place where getting new business will be much easier.


Remember, people are attracted to energy, especially positive energy. Having momentum behind your school will reflect favorably upon your specific form of martial arts, which in turn, enhances all martial artists. One decision to shift your attitude towards the affirmative can ignite a chain reaction that could usher in an era of success that had seemed unattainable. Don’t wait! Make your decision to embrace the power of positivity today.


Eric the Trainer (Eric P. Fleishman) is a Hollywood-based celebrity personal trainer with over 28 years’ experience. He has worked with top actors and musicians, MMA fighters, and the military. He hosts the popular TV show "Celebrity Sweat,” which you can watch on Amazon Prime. His enthusiastic message of living a healthy life has been adopted by many groups, most recently the American Culinary Federation.

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