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Invest in Your Future — Attend the Virtual SuperShow!

maia supershow Jun 20, 2021

by Melissa Torres, MAIA Division Manager

As you read this issue of MASuccess, our team is hard at work preparing for our second virtual show, which also happens to be our 20th anniversary! Virtual or in-person, the Martial Arts SuperShow is still the largest industry event on the planet, and we’re honored to host it. We could not be more excited to be able to deliver this valuable content to your living room or dojo — or wherever you choose to watch — despite the unfortunate circumstances brought on by COVID.

As you may know, in March, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the live show in Las Vegas. Our team spends a full year working up to the event, and unfortunately, with the myriad details that go into the planning and execution, we realized that we couldn’t make the decisions we needed to make without knowing what the situation in Vegas would be in July. Instead, we opted for a virtual show and immediately focused our efforts on that.

We take the safety of our school owners and instructors seriously since you are the ones who work with hundreds of students day in and day out. While we are disappointed to not be there in person, we plan to bring you a great show regardless!

I’m sure you’ve seen our emails, Facebook posts and, of course, this magazine, but I want to remind you to mark your calendar for the Virtual SuperShow on July 7-9. We will provide three days of content with four to five hours per day featuring three speaking sessions, as well as fun bonus events. Tickets are more affordable than ever, and they all include recordings so you can watch over and over.

You can check out the most up-to-date and detailed information about schedules, speakers, bonus events and more on For now, however, I will share some information on our main offerings. Let’s dive into our keynotes first.

The cover of this issue features our two virtual keynote speakers: Brent Gleeson and Robert “Cujo” Teschner. I highly encourage you to flip to that article now and read their stories. These guys have spent time in battle and will share actionable advice on subjects like leadership and perseverance. You don’t want to miss their presentations and follow-up Q&A sessions.

We also are excited to announce our hosts Frank Silverman, MAIA Executive Director and Wealth Specialist, and Cris Rodriguez, MAIA Digital Marketing Specialist. This dynamic duo knows the industry inside and out, and they have extensive experience working with a variety of schools. They’re the perfect pair to question our speakers, lead the Q&As and other breakouts, and guide school owner/instructor discussions and networking.

Other featured speakers will cover a wide array of topics: the next big digital platform your school must be on, what you can do right now to build long-term wealth, surviving and thriving as a solo school owner, getting back to pre-COVID numbers and beyond, and so on. They will set you up for success post-pandemic.

We also will have industry experts such as Kelly Murray Grys, Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul, not to mention phenomenal mini-segments led by Nick Peterman, Abid Benwali and Eric Santamaria.

And don’t forget our energetic Hype Team! They have plans for many fun activities, including product demos, challenges, giveaways, games and even a special happy hour on the final day. (Spoiler alert: There will be a drink recipe to celebrate the final day live with the Hype Team.)

We are looking forward to providing a Virtual SuperShow that will give you a roadmap to success with actual implementation strategies. Afterward, you will know how to implement all the ideas in your business without feeling overwhelmed. Our goal is to help you thrive post-COVID and give you the tools necessary to boost your school’s revenue and recruitment — all while inspiring you to keep pressing forward.

Get more information on or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This year’s show may not be what you’re used to, but I encourage you to give it a chance. Tickets are super-affordable, and we’re bringing the content right into your home. Whether you’ve been to every previous event or will make this one your first, there will be something for you.

Take action now. The first step to a better future for your school starts with this small investment. See you soon!


To contact Melissa Torres, send an email to [email protected].



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