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How to Maximize Leads From Demos and Booth Events

enroll students maia Feb 10, 2019

By MAIA Consultant Shane Tassoul


Has this ever happened to you? You book a booth at carnival, festival or some other event and, when you get there, you have a great time. But then at the end of the day, you realize you haven’t collected any leads. Or, what about this? You collect a bunch of leads and then can’t get them to come back to your school.

Then, perhaps understandably, after doing several events like this with no results, you believe that booth events don’t work. Well, maybe you just need to know how to make them work for you!

Below, I’ll show you four surefire ways to maximize your leads at these events and have more people show up at your school than ever before.

What is the purpose of a booth or demo? The answer is simply to get us in front of our market. If you’re performing a demo, you should be using it to attract the attention of your target market, and then move into your presentation. You are presenting the leads/prospects with some sort of opportunity to come to your school.

Here are four presentations you can use to maximize your lead collection at your next event.


1. The Re-Breakable Board

Engage potential leads by asking a simple question, “Hey, would you like to break a board?” Remember, you need to be the one to start the conversation. Another approach could be, “Have you ever done this before? Come on over and give it a try. It’s a lot of fun.”

Teach a one-minute introductory lesson highlighting the values and benefits of your program, and then show the child how to break the board. Congratulate him/her and let them know that since they broke the board, they now get to come back to your school and break a real board and earn their very first belt. Book the appointment on the spot while the child is super excited.

2. The Booth Pass

Handing out flyers or passes is a very passive way to market your business: you do the work and then have to sit back and hope the phone rings or someone walks in to take advantage of the special you promoted.

Instead, create a pass with a firm offer. For example: offer one month of lessons, a private lesson, a uniform and a buddy pass for $79. Hand out the passes at the event and begin a conversation with potential leads. Let them know that when they book their appointment now, they get everything on that pass for free. Easy. Simple. Very effective!


3. The Free Community Event

This is a great approach to schedule a large number of people to come to your school on the same day, at the same time, for the same themed event. An example could be inviting everyone at your booth to a Free Anti-Bullying Workshop at your school.

Have a sign-up sheet available and ask people if they have registered for the “free community event.” Promoting a booth event this way will fill up a planned Saturday event. It allows you to do a mass enrollment and scoop up dozens of new students for your school all at once.


4. Use BOB

This one is super fun and easy to attract attention. BOB stands for “Body Opponent Bag.” It’s a lifelike mannequin/torso training bag that’s practically invincible. Take BOB with you to your next event. Dress him in a bright red t-shirt that reads, “Hit me 10 Times in 10 Seconds and win two free weeks of lessons and a free t-shirt!”

Encourage people to take the challenge. When they complete it, book their first lesson. When they come in for their first lesson, give them their t-shirt and schedule their follow-up lessons.


Professional Tip

There’s only one thing worse than not collecting leads at an event, and that’s not following up with the leads that you did collect. Be sure to call all of your leads within a day or two of the event when their level of excitement is still high.

Now, go book four events and implement these strategies to find out what works best for your school and your personality. Remember, the goal of these events is to book an introductory lesson at your school.


Shane Tassoul can be reached at (920) 450-5425 or [email protected].


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