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How to Host a Mother's Day Class

free resource programs Apr 08, 2021

By: Kurt Klingenmeyer

With the arrival of spring each year comes the opportunity to celebrate the moms in our life with Mother’s Day.  As martial artists and school owners, we know all too well the dedication of each and every “Karate Mom” in our school.  This year, why not give them the opportunity to train with their kids?   

As each holiday approaches, prepare and hand out invitations for your students to take home to their parents inviting them to an extra special Mother’s Day Class.  And because we all know that sometimes information doesn’t quite make it home from our students, be sure to make phone calls and extend the invitation personally! 

Prior to each event, be sure to preorder special belts for your guests of honor! Century’s PINK belts are great for the moms.  Be sure to order enough for everyone and any surprise participants that may show up 

At the actual events, keep classes simple and fun.  The interaction between the parents and the kids is what makes these events into unique and fun bonding experiences!  Have the kids teach their parent a simple punch combo and bow during the first ten minutes.  Then, give the adults a chance to partner with each other while the kids are partnered for the next ten minutes. For the rest of class, have the kids give their moms a carnation (you can order them online for as low as $1 each), their own special Belt Certificate, official “Karate Mom” Belt, and of course, take pictures! As the class wraps up, be sure to invite each parent to participate in your adult classes as your guest for one month at no charge.   
These events are a fun way to create a memorable bonding experience for the families in your martial arts school while potentially adding a few new adults to your adult program.  It also reinforces what we all know- the family that kicks together, sticks together! 
If you have any questions about how to run this event, feel free to email me at [email protected]. 

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