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How To Generate Revenue With A Parents Night Out Glo-Chuk Seminar

marketing Sep 01, 2018

How To Generate Revenue With A Parents Night Out Glo-Chuk Seminar

Looking for a fun way to bring in extra revenue for your school? MAIA Executive Director, Frank Silverman, gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to hold a Parents Night Out Glo Chuck Seminar.

Step 1: Learn the basics of the nunchaku

  • You can learn from a video or YouTube tutorial
  • This is meant to be fun not a new curriculum for your school

Step 2: Set price between $35 to $50 depending on length of event and experience you provide

  • $35 for just 1 hour seminar (retail price of nunchaku)
  • Combine it with another event and food for 2 hour $50 session

Step 3: Order Glo-Chuks 2 weeks in advance

Step 4: Set curriculum for event. Test lighting to make sure it will be dark

  • Weapons portion should last an hour
  • Don’t let students break the glow sticks until you’re ready to do the weapons
  • Make it educational (10 minutes)

* Talk about nunchaku and history of the weapon

  • Have a safety talk (5 minutes)

* How to use the weapon during seminar and at home

  • Start teaching basics with lights on (20-30 minutes)

* Learning to maneuver nunchaku, figure eights, catch it under arm, swing nunchaku

* Right hand, then left

* Don’t do both hands with double nunchakus, that’s an upsell later on

  • Break glow sticks, turn off lights, have fun! Be sure to video for facebook and marketing

* Make sure people are spaced out

* Video people in the light and in the dark

* Test out beforehand to make sure it will be dark. Black out windows if necessary

  • Have demo at the end with double nunchakus to upsell

* If you have time let students try out double nunchakus

  • Market event with flyers but also demo in class
  • Allow students to bring friends if you are comfortable with it

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