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How to Be Crystal-Clear on Your Goal to Get More Students

Every year, many school owners ask, “How do I get more students?” To properly answer this question, you have to keep in mind this maxim: “To be terrific, we must be more specific.” So, let’s do a couple of things in this column to be more specific with the student base that you want. As your consultant and someone who teaches the Law of Attraction, I would ask you, among other key questions:


“Do you want students who pay late or more students who don’t pay at all? Do you want more children, teens or adults? Younger or older children? Children with learning challenges? Students who are always late for classes? Parents who leave their children at your school well after their class is over? Students with bad hygiene?”


With these answers, you are building a Clarity List, using contrast (people, places, events you don’t like) to get a clear vision of the students you want to manifest. Remember, contrast creates clarity, and clarity equals desire.


To reach a firm vision, compose a clarity-through-contrast worksheet like this:



What I Don’t Want

  • Students who pay late
  • Students who don’t pay at all
  • Children/teen students
  • Students that are late for classes
  • Students with bad hygiene



What I Do Want

  • Students who pay on time
  • Students who pay often
  • Adult clients
  • Students who are on time
  • Students with good personal habits


I encourage you to compile a list of 25 to 50 “don’t wants,” then list the corresponding “do wants” on your clarity side. If you’re having trouble getting 25 or more, call a friend and have them interview you.


Now that you have a clarity list, transfer your answers into a Desire Statement. Its opening paragraph should read, “I’m in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know or have to attract my ideal student body.”


In the next paragraph, massage your Clarity List into the body of the Desire Statement. Start each sentence with positive statements like:

  • “I’m excited at the thought… ”
  • “I love knowing… ” Or, “I love the idea of… ”
  • “I’ve decided… ”
  • “It excites me… ”


Your opening statements might proceed like this:


“I’m excited at the thought of teaching 50 or more new students who are dedicated and who see the value of my program and pay accordingly on time.”


“I love the idea of having financial abundance as my clientele sees the value of my work and dedication and I love the feeling of abundance all around me as more professional students join our programs.”


“I’ve decided to keep our school adult-only, and it excites me to see the fruition of my work.”


Your ending paragraph is, “The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desire.”


Now, you must look at your Desire Statement daily to reaffirm your thoughts and dreams. For how long? Sixty-eight seconds or more. Read it in the morning and again at night, with gratitude, and watch your dreams come to life.


MAIA Consultant Antonio Fournier can be reached at [email protected]


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