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Holding a Holiday Event with Century Direct

Let’s face it: winter is never the “busy season” for our martial arts schools. This year more than ever, all of our schools could benefit from a little extra revenue. Our students, too, would benefit from having gear and equipment for at-home training. Pandemic aside, weather conditions and holiday travel plans can make it difficult for students to come to class as regularly as they’d like, but having gear at home will keep them up to speed.


Want to create a win-win scenario where your students can train and you can make money? It’s not a sugarplum-induced holiday fantasy: Invest just 30 minutes of your time, and you can make up to $10,000 for your school while stocking your students up on equipment. Here’s how:


1) First, set up a Century Direct account.

Once you see the benefits, you’ll be surprised you didn’t do it sooner! We’re living in the age of online shopping. If you don’t offer that option, you’ve already missed out on sales (the good news is, holidays are the perfect time to recoup). Century Direct is your personal online Century store! Once you set up your account, you can choose what items you want to offer from Century’s selection of over 11,000+ SKUs.


The next step is where the real work comes in:


2) Set up your Holiday Event.

Wait… what’s that?


The Martial Arts Industry Association already made a Holiday Event Planner? And it comes with everything you need to plan and promote a perfect event on December 5th (the ideal date that’s early enough for customers to still have room in their holiday budgets, but late enough that there’s a sense of urgency)?


Well, never mind, then! I guess the only real work is downloading your free Planner. What are you waiting for – grab it and start planning you event!


3) Hold an all-online, in-person, or 50/50 Holiday Event!

The Holiday Event Planner makes it super-easy to set up a kick-butt Holiday Event, and Century Direct gives you the tools you need to make your event all or partially virtual, as needed. You can create sales on your Century Direct site, such as:


  • Buy two Sonic Paddles, and get a free 30-minute private lesson on how to hold the paddles for a variety of drills (perfect for parents shopping for children!)
  • Buy new sparring gear and join an exclusive advanced sparring techniques seminar, available only to those who bought their gear during your Holiday Event
  • Renew your annual membership and get two months free


No one knows your school, your students and their needs like you do – set up sales that will benefit them! They’re going to be spending money on holiday gifts anyway, so you might as well give them the opportunity to spend with you! After all, knowing martial arts is a gift that lasts a lifetime.


4) Sit back and enjoy some hot cocoa.

When your students order from your Century Direct store, Century ships the item directly to them! The next day, Century deposits your profit – the difference between the retail price your student paid and the wholesale cost of the item – directly into your bank account, just like Santa slipping gifts into your stocking. That’s what I call a happy holiday for everyone!


Don’t wait – get your FREE Holiday Event Planner today!

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