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Go Fast…or Go Far?

maia mentor Dec 01, 2018

By Melissa Torres


Think about your greatest successes in 2018. Now think about how you achieved them. Was it a goal you met? Perhaps it was a resolution you kept. No matter what it was, take a moment to ponder each step you took to accomplish it.


There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I was successful.” It’s not a false statement. You were successful. But, you didn’t do it all on your own. You had a person, a couple of people, or perhaps an entire team helping you achieve your goal.


Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but we weren’t meant to do life alone. I know that I tend to want to get things done by myself. It’s faster. It’s easier. I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I don’t have to follow up and make sure it gets done.


But the truth is that we need people on our team to support us: Someone to cheer us on, help us solve problems, encourage us to be better, and remind us of our own goals. We can’t reach our goals and be successful on our own. We can easily lose ourselves trying to keep track of everything on our own.


If we try to do it on our own, we won’t reach our full potential and we won’t go very far. If you’ve heard it before, you know where I’m going with this. It’s the old African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


As school owners, you should have a support team. Your support team is your staff, your top instructors, and even fellow school owners you’ve networked with. If you have a strong team around you, then you are already on the road to success.


Whether you have a support team around you yet or not, are you ready to finally have your biggest wins in the new year? Are you ready to meet and exceed your goals? I mean, are you really ready?


It can be a scary first step to admit you need someone. But the hardest part is taking that first step. It will be hard work along the way. There will be changes you have to make. Actions you have to take. Commitments you have to keep.


We could all use someone to hold us accountable - and find that someone who is more successful than us, so we can model our goals and plan after them.


Recently, we had our MAIA Elite seminar held near Century headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. As I sat listening to our Elite consultants speak, I was amazed at how many people have been in the program since its first year. Meanwhile, others were attending their very first seminar.


Regardless of amount of time in the program, they were all learning something that they could take home and implement to be even more successful than they were already. They could all admit that the guidance and accountability from the Elite consultants was something that they needed.


These attendees were not afraid to admit they needed help. Now, some are so successful they’re able to help each other with the systems. They consider the fellow Elite members family. They are all school owners from across the states that are in this together.


They are going far. They are going far together with their support team. I encourage you to take a moment in the New Year to think back on 2018. Were you as successful as you could have been? Was it a tough year? Was it a great year? Either way, we all need support! MAIA Elite consultants can be your support team. So, when you’re ready, we’ll be here.


Melissa Torres is the Martial Arts Industry Association Division Manager and can be reached at [email protected]


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