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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

maia supershow Apr 09, 2019

By MAIA Division Manager Melissa Torres


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from working with martial art school owners and instructors, it’s that no one wants to admit they need help. We will get the occasional call through our MAIA phone line from school owners asking for ways they can improve their businesses; however, those are rare.

Even when people reach out to us via our website and admit they want help, they won’t pick up the phone when we try to call them to find out what they need. They know they need help, but they aren’t even sure what they need help with. They know they can be more successful, but don’t see the path there. They want to make their dream a career, but don’t even know what next step to take.  

Most people want to show off their successes, not admit what they don’t know –especially on social media. It’s become a place where we post how we want to be perceived, not necessarily our reality. We want to help, and there are many ways out there to get help. Maybe it’s time to ask for it.

Many of you don’t take advantage of the social media opportunities to get free advice. We have a Facebook group called MAIA Hub. If you haven’t already, you should definitely go check it out! And if you’re a small school owner, Kurt Klingenmeyer runs a Facebook group called the Small School Forum.

I highly encourage you to go and interact in these groups. It’s your opportunity to say, “I need help,” or to ask specific questions. You can hear from our MAIA consultants as well as network with other school owners and instructors.

I love seeing schools share their event photos or a tip that worked for them, or how much success they had with enrollments. The most exciting posts for me are the ones asking for help and the ones sharing their success. It proves that everyone needs help at some point. And when they just ask, they can be successful!

We live in such an amazing information age, to be able to access what we need at the click of a button. But the personal touch you get in these groups is far better than any Google search. These people have been where you are! They are willing and excited to help you grow.

The Century Wholesale School Network is another one you want to be a part of. Jump in there and ask questions. Share your journey and start the conversation with other martial artists and school owners like you. This is the perfect place to recommend a product you’d like to see Century make or ask how other schools display their pro shop.

If you want to get weekly tips, advice and consistent live help, set your calendar reminders for every Thursday at 2:15 Central Time. Our MAIA coaches, Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul, are live every week in the MAIA Hub Facebook group. They cover a different topic and provide free content. And since it is live, you can ask your questions on the spot.

You need to be taking advantage of these opportunities if you want to reach the next level of success.

These guys have struggled and considered closing their doors, but they learned the systems that got them where they are today. And now, they coach school owners around the globe on the systems that helped them.

Make it a goal this month to go and follow the Facebook groups I mentioned here and start interacting. Watch the live videos, and take advantage of an incredible free resource. You won’t regret it!


Melissa Torres can be reached at [email protected]

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