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Do You Think You’re Doing Great?

maia mentor supershow Feb 19, 2020

by Frank Silverman


Over the past few months, I’ve done quite a bit of shopping and buying: holiday gifts, upgrades and repairs to the house, a new car, kids’ birthday gifts and more. I was in an in-store and online buying frenzy — my own perpetual Black Friday.

My overall experience with all this shopping was great. Ultimately, I was able to purchase every item I wanted or needed. I paid what I consider fair prices, and I’m enjoying my purchases. That said, when I put on my consultant’s hat afterward, I couldn’t help but evaluate my transactions. How is the quality of the items I bought? How was the service leading up to the purchases? Do I have any buyer’s remorse? Was my shopping experience as good as it could have been? Was it better than expected? Were the salespeople friendly and the online retailers straightforward?

Evaluating everything in detail made me think of my schools in Orlando, Florida. I think I offer a great product. I think my schools have super customer service. I think everyone who signs up will want to train for years. I think my team does great follow-up after the sign-up. I think everyone enjoys the experience at my schools. I say I “think” all the above are true because that’s what people tell me.

Then I thought back again to my own shopping experiences. Keep in mind that shopping is shopping, whether you’re looking for a car, a shirt or martial arts lessons. When we shop for a product, we all want a good experience, a great product, a fair price, good service and so on. Although my purchases went smoothly overall, the experiences were not outstanding. However, I suspect that if you asked the retailers I visited, they would think everything was A-OK. That’s when it dawned on me that those involved in providing a product or service are probably the least qualified to decide how good product or service actually is.

Let’s be honest: If I asked all the martial artists reading this column if they think their product or service is horrible, not a single hand would be raised. But we all know that no one is perfect. We don’t deliver perfection in every interaction, which is to be expected. But when we assume that we’re doing great overall, we miss the chance to improve smaller problem areas that might not be so great. The point is, we don’t know what we don’t know.

It’s like being is a jiu-jitsu student and learning a technique we’ve never seen before. The world changes in that moment. Running a business is no different. If we don’t know there’s a better technique, we can’t apply it. And that could keep us from offering a better customer experience or a higher-quality product. It could keep us from earning a higher income or making our students into better martial artists.

So how can we learn to be better at business? Where can we go to be better teachers? Where can we meet and train with the best martial artists in the industry, whether they’re in MMA, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, karate or another art? The answer is the Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas.

The SuperShow has it all: training, teaching, marketing, business and networking. It will take place in all-new venue that’s sure to please. Even better, more classes are scheduled to support you as a business owner and a martial artist. All this means 2020 is a must-attend year.

Whether this is your first or your 19th year at the SuperShow, rest assured that there will be a seminar for you. Call (866) 626-6226 today to sign up. Let’s work together to build an incredible industry.


To contact Frank Silverman, send an email to [email protected] Find him on Twitter and Facebook at @franksilverman.

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