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Add Value. Add Weapons

flow system Dec 03, 2019

By: Jackson Rudolph, The Flow System Creator


No matter what style you practice or what level of knowledge you possess, adding weapons programming provides a more exciting curriculum for your students. Weapons are a vital cornerstone of martial arts dating back to ancient agricultural civilizations in China and Japan.

Weapons add a multitude of benefits for your students:

  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Homework
  • Creativity
  • Physical improvement

As well as benefits for your school: 

  • Merchandise sales
  • Multiple weapons sales
  • Reorders
  • Apparel
  • Upgrades/Retention revenues
  • Reinforced basics
  • Curriculum booster
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Basic model
  • Packaging
  • Customized models

Weapons training brings a new level of excitement to your classes. It encourages younger students to talk to their parents about what they learned in class and train harder at home. It shows a commitment to martial arts that persuades parents to continue bringing their kids to class and recommend martial arts training to friends.

Weapons training doesn’t just reinforce basics, boost your curriculum, provide revenue opportunities, and increase retention. It also gives your students another reason to have passion for the martial arts.

Want to add a weapons program to your school today? Sign up for the Flow System and get started today.

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