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A “Sleek” New Program

maia marketing Jun 10, 2019

By MAIA Division Manager Melissa Torres


We all (most likely) have heard of bands like Def Leppard or celebrities such as Chris Noth, Shawn Mendes, Vincent Rodriguez III – and of course we all know Mike Chat. But you may not know the man who sweats with them. He is their personal trainer. He is a martial artist himself. His name is Eric Fleishman and goes by the moniker Eric the Trainer.

He was featured on the cover of the January magazine, which I hope you got a chance to read. If you attended the MASuperShow last year, you may have even had a chance to work out with him during an early morning workout!

With that said, I have exciting news! First of all, he’s coming back to the Show this year for a morning workout that you won’t want to miss. Trust me. I recently trained with him and his wealth of knowledge on how to sculpt the human body is unbelievable! I’m still sore. On top of that, MAIA has now partnered with him on his Sleek Ninja program!

The program will be available this summer and includes a training manual that breaks down all the moves, as well as diet, sleep and the science behind it. It also includes videos of each move with correct form as well as sample workout videos that you can implement in your classes.

This is a great way to get your students’ parents involved and get more adults into your school. If you don’t have a morning workout class for adults, you could be missing out on a great source of monthly revenue plus the opportunity to introduce these adults to martial arts.

Another reason this program is important for martial arts school owners and instructors is because, if you’re like many school owners, you probably devote most of your time to teaching or working on the business growth of your school. Your personal fitness and health may have taken a back seat. Sleek Ninja will motivate you to get back into shape so you can be the best example to your students. In turn, you will have more energy and excitement to teach your regular classes.

I encourage you to try the morning workout at the MASuperShow. Eric’s energy is unbelievable. And he is a martial artist! He understands the needs of school owners and instructors. He created this program specifically for the dojos to help get more students and adults through their doors.

Again, if you haven’t read Eric’s feature article in the January issue, go back and read it! He explains why he created Sleek Ninja, his backstory as a skinny teenage in Maine who got bullied, his decision to become a personal trainer and how he became the host of the TV show Celebrity Sweat.

Catch his early morning workout in Vegas! This is the perfect time to experience the workout and ask questions. He’s there to help you! And he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!

Send me an email if you want to be the first to sign up for his program as soon as it’s ready. The MAIA team will keep you updated first!


Melissa Torres can be reached at [email protected].

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