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5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Event in Your School

free resource Oct 31, 2019

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By: Frank Silverman, MAIA Executive Director

Inside the Century Holiday Planner, you will find ideas and suggestions for making your holiday season a huge success! 

You’ll find ideas that will help you generate more retail sales, as well as advice for how to sell more upgrades, package sets, new memberships, and more.

Want a sample of what the Planner has in store? Below are five methods for improving retail sales, specifically, at your event.

(If you haven’t yet, make sure to download the Century Holiday Planner now.)


1) Make sure items’ prices are clearly labeled.

You wouldn’t buy an item that you didn’t know the price of. Often, people are reluctant to ask how much an item costs because they don’t want to look “cheap” if they then decide not to buy it.

2) Have a variety of items.

Have your “big ticket” items like bags and weapons, but also offer key chains, picture frames, gear bags, belt racks, and novelty items.

This way, there’s something for everyone and every budget. Small items can also be added onto – or snowball into – larger purchases!

3) Offer free mini-lessons “with purchase.”

Parents getting focus mitts for their kids? Great! Have them come by for a free 15-minute lesson on how to hold them. Someone bought a full set of sparring gear?

Offer a free introductory lesson to sparring, complete with sparring etiquette and equipment care tips. This adds a huge value to the item, without you actually discounting the price. And you can’t buy private lessons from an online retailer!

4) Stock all sizes.

Try to make sure to have one of each size, and plenty of the common sizes. People are more likely to buy if you have the items on hand to give to them immediately.

5) Have special holiday items.

Don’t just stock up on more of the same selection your pro shop has year-round. Having unique holiday items adds excitement, generates higher sales and brings more people to the event.

And the key to a successful event is having as many people attend as possible.

Remember, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg inside the Holiday Event Planner. If you haven't downloaded your planner yet. Get it today. Claim your Century Holiday Event Planner Now!

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