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5 Steps to Winning Workshops: Programming Product for Profit

maia student retention Jun 15, 2019

Programming product for profit is when you pick a retail item and create a workshop to go around that item. Examples could include, but are not limited to, a square hand target, focus paddle, body shield, Wavemaster or even a stretch rack.

            Hosting these workshops will not only increase retail sales and profitability, but will also increase retention. Students who spend money in your school today are less likely to quit tomorrow. Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Schedule a Day and Time for the Workshop

            In this example, we will often host square hand target workshops, as this is a simple-to-use item that anyone can benefit with from at-home training. We like to do these workshops on a Saturday from 11:00-noon. You can pick any day and time that will work for your schedule.

Step 2: Set a Limited Number of Spaces

            Limit the participants to a number you know will sell out, and when the event fills up do not let any additional participants register. Let them know that the event is sold out, and that they can register for the next workshop, if they want to insure their spot. This will start to create a culture of “action-takers” in your school who want to make sure they get spots before events sell out.

            In this example, we will have only 10 spots available.

            Now, we have to order our square hand targets. Although there are only 10 spots, I want you to order 15 targets. I’ll explain why in just a moment.

Step 3: Make Announcements/Display Product

            Be sure to make announcements at the end of every class. The key in all communication is the presentation. Make sure that you have the parents’ attention and are talking to them and at them. Tell the parents and students you are so excited for the upcoming square hand target seminar!

            Let them know that you’re going to be working on 10 ways to increase speed during the workshop, and that they are going to love it. Also, let them know that the workshop is free and all they need to do is purchase the square hand target.

            Direct them to the table where you have the display of 10 hand targets and let them know that there are only 10 available and when they’re gone, they’re gone. When someone purchases one, you can remove it from the table and even make a quick announcement as to how many spots are left.

Step 4: Create a Drills Handout

            Before the workshop, take some time and create 10 drills that you can do with the square hand target. Type them out or, better yet, shoot a quick video with all the drills and post it to YouTube and make a private link.

            In addition, create five more drills that you can do with two square hand targets, as this will be a bonus for the end of the workshop. Give out the private YouTube link at your workshop as a value-add.

Step 5: Host the Workshop

            During the workshop, make sure to have a lot of fun teaching the drills that you created. Have parents get on the floor, too, and help by holding the pad. This will promote home practice later. And who knows? You may even be able to find a few parents to get involved in your adult class.

            For the last 15 minutes of the workshop, grab the additional five square hand targets that you ordered and hand them out. Start working on your bonus content that involves two square hand targets.

            As you wrap up your event, let everyone know that, since you added some bonus drills and brought out five more square hand targets, they are now used. And you will sell them at 20% off to the first five people that want them.

Step 6: Rinse & Repeat

            Now that you have hosted a successful workshop, you should schedule one per quarter or two per year and make this a regular system in your school. As a matter of fact, you could do the same workshops every year. Because a year from now, you’ll have an entire batch of students who have never seen your workshops.

            Additionally, when you create a system and have dates and times scheduled, you can offer the people who took your square hand target workshop the first opportunity to sign up for the next one. This you do by having the sign-up sheet available at the end of the workshop.

            I look forward to hearing about your successes with these workshops.


Shane Tassoul can be reached at (920) 450-5425 or [email protected].

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