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16 Ways to Battle Burnout

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018

Picture this scenario: It’s a Wednesday. You have woken up late. The kids are running through the house gathering what they need for the school day. You’re yelling that they’re going to miss the bus. The kids finally make the bus, after you run after your son to give him the lunch he forgot. While you’re running after your son, the dog gets loose and rolls in something. You have to stop everything to give her a bath. Your significant other leaves for work angry, because she has hardly seen you all week because of the hours you spend running your business. 

As you drive to your school, you can’t help but worry about the bills you have to pay this month. You aren’t sure how you’re going to pay them all on time. Will it be through renewals? Retail sales? Referrals of new students? 

You get to your desk and put your head in your hands, wondering how you can cope with yet another day of teaching classes, speaking with parents and managing staff. Your staff is waiting for you to begin your morning training session.

Suddenly, your job responsibilities seem overwhelming and you feel totally exhausted. The curriculum still needs to be written, phone calls returned and social media posts shared. A junior staff member walks in to ask you a question and you respond irritability. Your fuse is short. 

You know this isn’t you, but you aren’t sure how you can make your situation any better. You just don’t have the energy you usually have to face your day anymore. 

If recognized this scenario, you may have been experiencing a burnout. It can affect any martial artist, no matter how much you love your school or your career. Burnout is the feeling of emptiness, lack of motivation, and the sense that you’re not making any difference with what you do.

Several things can cause burnout:

•          Being too many things to too many people. 

•          Unrealistic expectations and goals that lead to an unbalanced workload. 

•          Not having enough staff.

•          Not having a schedule that you stick to, and having no self-discipline. 

•          Not understanding the industry that you are in. 

•          Trying to make everybody happy

•          Not seeing any growth or challenge in your business. 

•          Poor money management. 

•          Giving 75% to all things, rather than 100% to a few things. 

•          Not getting enough sleep, not exercising enough and not eating well. 

•          Forgetting about all of the little — and the big — differences you have made along the way, and not forgiving yourself for making mistakes. 

 Burnout is a serious issue, as it can distract you from your work and life, and even lead to depression or other health challenges.

However, burnout is not an insurmountable obstacle. There are proven methods of fighting back against burnout, both personally and professionally.

To battle personal burnout, you should:

1. Seek out connections.

2. Look for new challenges that will be meaningful to you.

3. Set priorities and stick to them.

4. Make sure you’re getting adequate exercise.  

5. Focus on your nutrition.

6. Set attainable goals.

7. Take a break from technology.

8. Explore opportunities for growth.

9. Ask for help when you need it.

10. Have a vision for the future and plan to achieve it.  


To battle business burnout, you can:

1. Seek out mentorship.

2. Become a mentor to someone else.

3. Train alongside your staff and students.

4. Hold regular staff meetings.

5. Stay connected within your professional industry.

6. Do things that make sense professionally.

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