Doing everything on your own is difficult. Discover how our plug-and-play programs can make your life so much simpler.

The Ultimate Kids Martial Arts Curriculum is Here!

Are you looking to start a martial arts program for your 4-6 year olds?

Do you already have a program but feel like you could use some fresh ideas?

Working with child development expert Melody Shuman,  PreSkillz, was designed with the science and psychology of how children learn. The curriculum rotates with the perfect ingredients to provide students with consistent structure and enough variety to satisfy their desire to learn new things.

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Looking for a Weapons Curriculum?

Learn from one of the greatest bo competitors in martial arts – Jackson Rudolph. This 12 month program is an excellent way to add excitement to your school. Jackson's meticulous attention to detail will not only help you understand the material, but also how to teach it to your staff and students.

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Bring Back That First Day Excitement To Your Mats

Your product lives on the mat. Providing a consistently fun, engaging, and challenging class is a critical component of recruitment and retention.

But let's face it - disguising repetition can be hard. That's why we built MADrills. With world class instructors, you can consistently be inspired and bring new warm-ups, games, drills and techniques to your students. With over 1,000 videos (with monthly updates) to stream, inspiration is only a few clicks away.

You can also build class plans to keep you organized as well as browse a collection of other instructors' class plans to see how they create a memorable experience for their students. Try it FREE for 7 days!

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Take the Guess Work Out of Running Your School

Get the industry's best online tool to RECRUIT new members, RETAIN current students, and generate more REVENUE. Ultimately, our goal is to help you get RESULTS!

The platform offers cutting edge marketing tools for getting new members, special events, revenue generators, lessons of the month, monthly newsletters, step by step videos, and so much more! The MAIA Edge website is an affordable resource center for any established or up and coming Martial Arts school looking to grow their business.

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Forge a New and Improved Sparring Culture in Your School

Student retention and contact sparring don't have to be competing principles. MAIA has partnered with multiple school owner, five-time world champion, and Team Paul Mitchell Karate executive director Chris Rappold to bring you Retention Based Sparring, a plug-and-play sparring curriculum.

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