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Spending time away to learn about business is crucial to your growth. Find out how our live events can help you sharpen your business knowledge and grow your school.


2021 Academy Intensive

If you are you ready to take 2021 by storm…

If you need to put together an updated plan based on all of the changes that have occurred due to COVID…

Then this 1-Day Virtual Event was perfectly crafted for you. On this live training one day training, we'll be unpacking "Your 2021 Academy Plan" and what you need to do to MAXIMIZE your profitability in your Martial Arts School going into the New Year.

This LIVE event has ended but you can still get the recordings!

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Martial Arts SuperShow
July 6-8, 2021, Las Vegas, NV

Every year, hundreds of martial arts school owners and instructors travel to the SuperShow to further their education in all things martial arts. Their goal: To improve their skill set, to learn from new training and to grow their business. That’s what the SuperShow can help you do. No matter where you live, how long you’ve taught or how many students you have, if martial arts is your passion, this conference is for you.

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The Metzger & Tassoul Show
Every Thursday, 12pm CT

The Metzger & Tassoul Show is a free resource that you can access on the MAIA Hub Facebook Group. Get live advice and a real action plan for a variety of topics to help you grow your school. MAIA Consultants and Championship Martial Arts school owners, Mike Metzger and Shane Tassoul, are live every week on Facebook to answer your questions.

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