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Running a martial arts school doesn't have to be difficult. Find out how our coaching can make your business life so much easier.

Do you want to learn the basic business systems that make our coaches so successful in their own schools? Do you want to use Facebook to grow your school? Then claim your spot in this foundational business and social media training and start building your tribe online.


Are you ready to increase revenue by learning the ins and outs of hosting summer camps, after-school programs, tournaments, events and more? MAIA Maximizer will not only show you how to execute these events, but how to use digital marketing to make them successful and profitable.


Do you feel like your martial arts business has hit a plateau? Then hire a MAIA Elite business coach and get your school back in fighting shape. This one-on-one coaching will specifically dive into your needs and how to achieve your goals. Our coaches will hold you accountable and get you out of your comfort zone to grow your school and maximize your profitability.


Are you ready to move on from revenue generation in your school to growing your personal wealth and start preparing for your retirement? Then connect with the MAIA Wealth team and start building a future around your long-term life goals. This one-on-one coaching with Frank Silverman will cover a wide range of topics including accounting, taxes, insurance, retirement, investing, and so much more.


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