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What if you could learn a world champion’s greatest secrets for mastering a weapon? What if you had a curriculum laid out for you (with lesson plans and technique guides) so you could implement it right away?

With the Flow System Weapons Program, you get the best of both worlds with those two things.

In this training, you will learn from two world champions — Jackson Rudolph and Mackensi Emory — on how to teach weapons in your school. Never before have these two experts revealed their secrets to mastering weapons, but in this program, that’s exactly what they’re going to teach you. By the end of this masterclass, not only will you be an expert with weapons, but you’ll also have the exact lesson plans to help you teach it.  


Choose Your Instructor

What Makes The Flow System So Different?

You can hand off the training.

With the Flow System, you can assign the training to any one of your instructors. Our weapon experts will train them from beginner to advanced, and they will learn how to teach a weapons class. Your instructor will know techniques, tricks, forms, combos, teaching tips and verbal cues from this training — fully preparing them for class.

It’s launch ready.

When you sign up for the Flow System, you get  instant access to a fleshed-out, 45-minute class planner every week. With warm-ups, drills, competitions and challenges, you’ll know exactly what's on the agenda for every class.

Fits within a rotating curriculum.

We understand traditional martial arts schools like to alternate weapons every few months. This is how you keep students engaged. With the Flow System, you get class planners broken up into 12-week cycles so you can plug in a different weapon every quarter.

It’s a creative program.

Not only will you learn traditional strikes and blocks using weapons, you’ll also learn creative forms. This goes a long way towards building a competition team in your school. Students will learn to flex their creative muscles, and you will show them how to compete at a higher level with weapons.

How It Works

1. Watch and Learn

Have the instructor log in and watch the monthly techniques for class. Follow the weekly class breakdowns and instructor modules for support.

2. Practice and Apply

Dedicate time to practice the drills, combos or forms. If you have a question, ask the instructor directly in the Flow System Facebook Group.

3. Teach and Retain

Grab your weapon and head to the mat. Inspire your students with a new training for life.

Get Started Today

Choose an instructor to learn from and start teaching a weapons class in your school today.

"Jackson is a patient, talented instructor who is wise beyond his years. My students are constantly asking when he will be back to teach more seminars!"

Hollie Hamm
Resolute Martial Arts - Destin, Florida

"One word describes our experience with Mackensi.... OUTSTANDING! Mackensi is an amazing teacher. We were so impressed with her ability to break down the material in easy to follow segments. Our staff and students felt that they learned a lot of skills in a very short amount time. We highly recommend her and her trainings."

Richard & Winnie Callahan
Callahan's Karate Studio - Bedford, MA

"Mr. Rudolph is not only a tremendous athlete, he is also an inspirational instructor who was able to motivate and educate a room of students better than instructors twice his age while still in high school. Age doesn't matter if your passion is as contagious as his."

Jude Grayson
Live Confident Martial Arts - Slidell, Louisiana

"5 stars!!! Mackensi Emory is by far one of the best instructors to ever grace our dojo. Her vast knowledge and experience mixed with great teaching makes her one of the best in the industry. Our students absolutely adore her and can’t wait for her to visit our dojo. Now you have access to her knowledge at the touch of a button. AWESOME!"

Mike Guido
Guido's Martial Arts Academy - Clovis, CA

"I have hosted Jackson Rudolph at my dojo twice for seminars ranging from 30-70 students in size. He is a top-notch instructor for both children and adults, very engaging and extremely knowledgeable, particularly at his young age. My students loved training with him. Very highly recommend."

Dustin Matthews
Matthews Martial Arts - Odessa, Texas


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