Transform your students and staff with the Brand New Sleek Ninja Workout

A Hollywood-based fitness workout from celebrity physique expert, Eric the Trainer


Awaken your town’s desire for good health

Transform your members with a new sleek physique

Build a thriving community in your school around fitness


What's Included

3 Class Demonstrations to show you what to teach as well as how to teach it. Over 2 hours footage!

Exercise Breakdown Videos so you know the form and the technique of all 30+ exercises from the program.

Live Chat Sessions with Eric 2 times per month so you can ask questions, learn how to teach and keep your class motivated.

Base Moves Book that you can print out and display as a visual representation of each exercise.

A Sleek Ninja Training Manual for guidance on the program as well as training with the other pillars of the workout: diet and sleep.

"The first couple workouts were so intense, I've never had so much fun almost throwing up! I just got back to school and everyone has commented on my improved physique, having added 10 pounds of muscle over the summer. Thanks Eric, you're the best!"

Patrick Schwarzenegger

"As an actor, I realized it'd be valuable to create a better base. I heard Eric was the best in the business and the results have been astonishing. If you are serious about looking your best, there's no one better than Eric."

Brendan Fehr

"In my line of work it's crucial to be in great shape. Since I started training with Eric I have increased my shoulder width, gained 15 lbs. of muscle and finally got that perfect V-taper look I always wanted. I recommend Eric to anyone that wants results fast."

Max Martini

Try the All-New Sleek Ninja Workout Today

Minimal equipment required. Classes can be taught in 40-50 minutes per day.

Try the All-New Sleek Ninja Workout Today

$369 Set Up
+ $69 Monthly

3 Class Demonstrations Showing What to Teach & How to Teach it 

Exercise Breakdown Videos of 30+ Moves Inside the Program

Live Chat Sessions Twice Per Month

A Base Moves Book You Can Print Out for Quick Access

A Sleek Ninja Training Manual to Get You On-Boarded With Teaching the Workout 


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