As school owners, we know that poor retention costs you thousands of dollars each and every year. The most common reason students quit, whether expressed or not, is that students are afraid of sparring. Having a clear sparring curriculum and methodology that empowers students will allow your school to solve this costly problem.


  • Create a new culture of collaboration on your mat.
  • Dispel the anxiety students face when sparring.
  • Teach a structured class that is both fun and functional!
  • Align your parents and students around a common goal: progress.
  • Implement a rotating sparring curriculum that is proven to be RETENTION effective.
  • 24 easy-to-teach sparring seminars that your instructors can teach to generate additional revenue for your school.
  • Learn the training philosophy and exact techniques used in competition to successfully compete at the highest level.

Materials Included

12-Month Sparring Curriculum

Complete 12-level sparring curriculum from basic to advanced techniques.

48 total drills and techniques to give you a clear plan for sparring class every week.

12 monthly skill-based activities to put your studentsā€™ knowledge to the test.

Instructor Success Module

Each video designed to onboard you and your staff to Retention Based Sparring

Each video designed to teach you best practices for your sparring class.

Each video designed to build a culture on your mat of progress and protection.

Sparring Fundamentals

Master the fundamentals of sparring:

-Movement and Footwork
-Blocking Skills
-Sparring IQ

Support Materials

  • PRIME (Practical, Responsible, Involved, Mindful, Effective) pledge agreements to remind parents, instructors and students of what’s expected of them.
  • A PRIME pledge poster and a Sparring Rules and Etiquette poster to display in your school so everyone understands the rules for sparring.
  • An Instructor Success Guide to reinforce the sparring fundamentals of the program with your staff.
  • A Parent brochure to communicate the benefits of sparring to your parents.


1. Watch

Review the curriculum for the week in simple 3-5 minute videos that give you all the information you need to explain and teach the lesson.

2. Prepare

Go over the material with your staff so they know the points to watch for or better yet - have them watch the video.

3. Teach

Provide your student with an easy-to-learn, high interest lesson that will help them progress and look forward to sparring...even students who don't currently enjoy it.


"Wow! Chris Rappold's Retention Based Sparring Program is AMAZING! I thought I had a pretty good handle on how to teach sparring safely and effectively. But after studying Chris Rappold's new Retention Based Sparring Program, I realize how far off the mark I have been. His systematic, thorough and well thought out approach is going to forever change the way people teach sparring and grappling, for the better. Get this program!"

Dave Kovar
8th Degree Black Belt, Trainer of Martial Arts Instructors the World Over

"Master Rappold's retention based sparring program is fantastic. Let's face it, many students are afraid to spar simply because they fear being hurt. As a school owner you know that this can lead to students quitting. Master Rappold's program will teach you how to gradually improve your students' sparring skills in a safe and effective manner that will aid in student retention."

Master John Bussard
Founder of Kicks Karate, Considered by many to be the #1 Multi School Owner in the United States

"Master Rappold showed me in 2 hours how to accomplish in sparring what I have been trying to accomplish for 5 years in my school with my students. A sparring program that is simple, intuitive and very effective in helping my students be their best."

Michael McCreery
5th Degree Master Instructor

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One-Time Payment


One-Time Payment Comes with Instant Access
to All 12 Months of Curriculum.
(Save 33%)

Complete 12-Month Sparring Curriculum from basic to advanced

48 sparring drills and techniques

12 monthly skill-based activities

PRIME support materials


12 Monthly Payments


Monthly Payment Option Comes with Instant Access to Month 1. Months 2-12 will be released each month thereafter.

Complete 12-Month Sparring Curriculum from basic to advanced

48 sparring drills and techniques

12 monthly skill-based activities

PRIME support materials


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