Teaching Kids Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


Teaching kids martial arts is one of the most rewarding experiences for  an instructor. You have a direct impact on someone else and can change the course of their life through martial arts.

Unfortunately — with the 3-6 year olds — instructors often feel like this age group is “babysitting” or way too early to teach martial arts.

Well, that’s where we come in…

To help you transform your kid’s classes.


PreSKILLZ Helps.

Teaching children doesn’t have to be a grind. You don’t have to “wing” it. That’s why PreSKILLZ exists — To help you with your early-age classes.

Instructor Training

Lesson Planning

Done-For-You Drills

Video Explanations

Marketing Assets

Parent Outreach

Life Skills

Vito Gili
Elite Martial Arts, Melbourne, FL

"I went over the lesson plan with our children's instructor. I had him watch the videos and gave him the class planner to review for the night. He role played with his wife and came back the next day and taught the best Little Dragons Class of his life. He was amped and having more fun than I've seen him have with the kids in a long time. Thank you so much for putting a program like this together."

Theodore Guerrero
Red Dragon Championship Martial Arts, San Diego, CA

"Stoked about this program. Ran our first class yesterday...was awesome. Kids Loved Shadow Ninja's."

Kara Unger
Unger's Karate Academy, Exeter, CA

"Before PreSKILLZ, we just winged our little kids program and it was only for ages 3-5. After we switched, we changed the program to add 6 year olds. This has been the best decision we could have made for our lil dragon program. The kids are more excited, more engaged and retain more information through this curriculum than anything else we have tried. We highly recommend it for anyone who has classes for this age group."

What’s included in your Membership

1. The PreSKILLZ Library

You get immediate access to the vast PreSKILLZ library right away: over 250 videos on program creation, instructor training, mat chats, warm ups, skill-building drills, martial arts drills and games to help improve your kids program. No drip content. New videos are added every month.

2. Done For You Downloads

You get stacks of done-for-you materials: Example class planners, Monthly overviews, skill-based guides, parent newsletters, homework assignments for kids, marketing materials and blog content for your program.

3. Life Skills

You get training and lesson plans on the 8 core life skills Melody believes 3-6 year olds need the most: Focus, Teamwork, Control, Memory, Balance, Discipline, Fitness and Coordination.

4. Implementation Help

Every month, you will get help from a PreSKILLZ Implementation Specialists. Whether you are starting out or just looking for help, our expert will help you grow your program.

5. PreSKILLZ Licensing

With the PreSKILLZ membership, you will be licensed as one of the hundreds of instructors allowed to teach PreSKILLZ Intellectual Property ("IP") in your school.



  • Any school owner that wants to offer a program designed for children aged 3-6.
  • Any school owner that doesn't want to re-invent the wheel for their kids program.
  • Anybody who loves children and believes that children can learn in a structured, yet fun environment
  • Any school owner that isn’t sure where to start when it comes to teaching kids.
  • Any school owner that wants to empower or add staff to lead a program for younger students.


1. Get Training

Learn directly from Melody how to teach the young ones

2. Make Your Class Planner

Choose one of our done-for-you planners or design one yourself.

3. Prepare For Class

Gather the equipment and materials for the week. Print any handouts you might distribute.

4. Teach Class!

Use your brand-new training and teach amazing classes. 


Monthly Pricing



  • Access to the PreSKILLZ Library with over 250 videos on improving your kids program.
  • Instructional training to provide you with the language and techniques to generate the best results in class.
  • Done-for-you class planners with both video and text instructions.
  • Guidance from a Child Development Expert, Melody Johnson & a PreSKILLZ Implementation Specialist.
  • Licensing to use the PreSKILLZ curriculum in your school.


You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.


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