Learn How to Cultivate the Most Important Relationship For Your School.

Become a Partner in Education


Do you know the most valuable partner you could ever have in your martial arts school?

It's the school system. Your local school system. The place where you can have the greatest impact on your community and that place where your market is located.

Becoming a partner in education can have a game-changing effect on business. From community outreach to brand growth to lead generation, Partners in Education is the ideal scenario for your school.

But there's a way to build that partnership, and in this training, we're going to show you how to do it so everyone benefits.

Provide a Valuable Service For Your Community

From lack of school supplies to bullying in the classroom, every local school could use a little help from a martial arts leader in the community. You can be that leader and we’re going to show you how in this training.

Establish a Relationship with Your Local Schools

Most businesses try to go into schools just to solicit their services. But in this course, You’re going to learn the Give-First Mentality that will allow you to truly become a Partner in Education with your local schools.

Generate New Leads For Your School

Getting new students in the door doesn’t have to be hard sells and high-pressure situations. You’re going to learn a fun way to get more members on your mat while also having a tremendous impact on your community.

Video Lesson Guide

  1. Course Overview
  2. Establish Rapport with a Professional Presentation
  3. Organizing a School Supply Drive
  4. Delivering Supplies and Offering School Talks
  5. Maintaining the Relationship Year-Round
  6. Course Wrap Up
  7. BONUS: How to do a 4-week Character Education Course at Your Local School


  • 1 Partners in Education Guide to help you establish and maintain a partnership with your local schools.
  • 3 Done-For-You Scripts to help you demonstrate the value of your services to principals and administrations.
  • A Bonus video on how to teach a 4-week Character Education Course at Your Local Schools.
  • And a Done-For-You Advert Kit to help you promote your services.

Your Instructors

Mike Metzger

Lead MAIA Elite Consultant

Mike has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation to improve their processes, systems, and profitability. He personally owns and operates 8 schools, so his knowledge, insight and coaching come from the experience he's gained in the industry for the past several decades.

Shane Tassoul

MAIA Elite Consultant

Shane has story that's hard to believe. Many years ago, he had a struggling martial arts school and found himself walking a couple of miles to make the Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas. With the knowledge he gained there coupled with his changed mindset and mentor, Mr. Tassoul has gone from bankrupt to owner of two martial arts schools in Appleton, WI. He is a master of systems and works tirelessly for his clients. 

Nurture the Most Important Relationship You Could Ever Have for Your School

Get the step-by-by training to make it happen.

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