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Life Moves in Seasons.

Are You Ready To Move On To The Next One?

Will there ever be a day where you want to work less hard in your martial arts school?

Will there ever be a day when you want to remove yourself from the daily operations?

Everyone needs a plan for when they are ready to move on to the next chapter of their life. And when you work with us, we’ll help you build that plan.

What you need is a team — a team of trusted advisors. A team that works with you to develop your financial future. A team that works with you to protect the assets you already have. A team that helps you move on to the next season of your life.

The Approach

Most school owners don’t have a plan for life after their martial arts school — 401K’s, Investment Portfolios, Employee Pensions. However with MAIA Wealth, we have a 4-step approach so you feel prepared and have a plan for the next season of your life.

1. Speak with a Wealth Advisor

2. Start Building Your Wealth Team

3. Implement Our Wealth Plan

4. Build and Protect Your Financial Future

"The exposure to top advisors in the financial, legal, insurance and real estate worlds, to name a few, is priceless. MAIA Wealth is about securing yourself for your future, but learning that now is the time!"

Kristine Blackman

"My advice would be to not pass up this great opportunity to learn how to change your financial future."

Lisa Tippett

"This program creates seminars that have you looking forward to them, because you know you’re going to get the information you need to grow. The Wealth program is for those who are ready to work on building their finances and maximizing their created wealth."

Bill Taylor

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