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Learn how build your martial arts school from the ground up with this 4-week online workshop.

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Do you struggle with your martial arts business?

  • Are you working too hard for the revenue you’re bringing in?
  • Do you juggle multiple jobs just to keep your school running?
  • Are you doing it all and wearing out?

  • Do you need a new, qualified leads?

What you need are systems — Systems to help you grow your school. Systems to help surge your student count. Systems to help you work smarter, not harder.

And over the next 4 weeks, you’ll learn the core systems of owning a martial arts school so you can maximize your school’s revenue and start building a career around your passion.

The Approach

Most martial artists are never introduced to the concepts of running a small business. They don’t have the systems in place for consistent, predictable growth. However, we have a 4-week approach to help you get the most vital systems up and running in your school so you start seeing growth fast.

The Next Class Starts

January 17th, 2019









Live Class Curriculum

Classes are roughly 40-45 min and take place at 1:00pm Central, every Thursday.

Week 1 – Setting Your Pricing Structure  

You’ll learn the 4 pricing structures that are crucial to generating revenue for your business and why it’s so important you present it this way. This subtle tweak alone will alter the course of your business now and forever. 

Week 2 – Learn the 4-Step Enrollment Process  

You’ll learn the 4 steps to selling and how to present your program to prospects so they choose the option that best suits them. Presenting your program this way generates a win-win for both you and the prospect.  

Week 3 – Setting Goals the Right Way (Planning Your Road Map to Success)

Keeping track of your stats is not the most glamorous topic. But if you don't know where you're at, you won't know where you're going. We'll show you how to keep track of your stats so you can map out success for your school every month. 

Week 4 – The 5 Profit Centers of a Martial Arts School

Maximizing revenue in a martial arts school shouldn't only be about getting new students. It's just one profit center. Learn about the 4 other profit centers for your school so you can multiply your revenue streams and increase your gains. 

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In 4 weeks, you’ll assemble the most vital systems for expanding your student count, retaining your member base and boosting your bottom line.


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How It Works

1. Join the webinar

Enter the weekly webinar every Thursday at 1:00 pm CT (2pm ET).  

2. Connect with the community

Join the MAIA Launch Facebook to ask questions to the instructors and review the materials with your classmates. 

3. Take action

Implement what you’ve learned and apply the newfound knowledge to your school. 

Your Instructors

Mike Metzger - Orlando, FL

Owner of 10 schools in Orlando and Lead MAIA Elite Consultant  

Mike Metzger has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation to improve their processes, systems, and profitability. He personally owns and operates 10 schools so his knowledge, insight and coaching come from the experience he's gained in the industry for the past several decades. Whether you have 10 students or 100, his coaching can put you on a realistic path to reach the goals you set. 

Shane Tassoul - Appleton, WI

Owner of Championship Martial Arts - Appleton and MAIA Elite Consultant

Shane has story that's almost hard to believe. Five short years ago, he found himself walking a couple of miles to make the Martial Arts SuperShow seminars in Las Vegas. With the knowledge he gained there coupled with his changed mindset and mentor, Mr. Tassoul has gone from bankrupt to six-figure income. He is a master of systems and works tirelessly to streamline processes in his schools and for his Elite clients. 

"MAIA Launch helped me organize the business aspect of my dojo. From pricing to retention and finding new students. I am confident I will be able to execute what they taught me and grow my business consistently. "

Darryl Baleshiski
New England Rendokan, Old Sybrook, CT

"Victory story: Since the start of MAIA Launch, I have had several new students signing up, a couple of older students voluntarily moving to the new pricing structure, and my second ever (in over ten years of running my school) paid in full. Last Friday, we had a mass intro. The attendance wasn’t great, but everyone there paid to lock down the deal, even when they wanted to go and think about it."

Geoffrey Wathen
Golden Naga Martial Arts Center, Corvalis, OR

"First New Student Orientation/Mass Enrollment went awesome! We signed up 4 people and sold 2 student packages (which was our goal). I have 2 more parents who are going to let me know today about signing up. Couldn’t have done it without all the information from the MAIA consultants, thank you!"

Julie Mischke
Lantana Taekwondo, Flower Mound, TX

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Class Starts January 17th, 2019

  • 4 weeks of proven systems and instructions from our consultants
  • Tools, handouts and marketing materials for growing your school
  • MAIA Launch Private Facebook Group
  • MAIA Edge online management system and resource center

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