How to Host the Biggest Event of the Year:

The Holiday Mini-Course


One Day For 4 Hours

That’s how long it takes to throw the biggest feel-good event of the year for your students. That’s how long it takes to generate significantly more revenue for your business. That’s how long it takes to propel your school into the new year.

It’s called The Holiday Event.

And in this course, we’re going to show you how to prepare this one, 4-hour event for the most festive season of the year.

Maximize Your Revenue During the Holiday Season

Discover how to generate thousands of dollars in revenue during the Holiday season for your school in just a 4-hour event.

Follow the Done-For-You Blueprint

Learn our tried and true process for throwing a phenomenal Holiday Event and bring massive success to your school this Winter Season.

Get Your School in the Festive Spirit

Create the biggest feel-good event of the year for your students and parents. Capture the holiday spirit and bring it into your school for your members.

Video Lesson Guides

  1. Course Overview
  2. Preparing For Your Holiday Event
  3. Scheduling Appointments For Your Holiday Event
  4. Setting Up & Hosting Your Holiday Event
  5. Course Wrap Up


  • 1 Holiday Event Guide to help you plan and prepare for your event
  • 2 Done-For-You Phone Scripts to get new leads and current members into your doors during the celebration
  • 1 Done-For-You Email Campaign to send to your list to promote your Holiday Event.
  • 1 Done-For-You Program Pitch to help you increase sales for the big day.
  • And a Holiday Event Advert Pack (Save the Date Card, Invite Card, Poster, Boostable Image and Facebook Banner)

Your Instructor

Mike Metzger

Lead MAIA Elite Consultant

Mike has worked with hundreds of schools across the nation to improve their processes, systems, and profitability. He personally owns and operates 10 schools, so his knowledge, insight and coaching come from the experience he's gained in the industry for the past several decades.

Create the Biggest Feel-Good Event of the Year for Your School

Get the step-by-by training to make it happen.

The Holiday Mini-Course


Gain immediate access with purchase

Step-by-Step Video Instructions
For You and Your Staff

Expert Advice From MAIA Elite Consultant Mike Metzger

Done For You Bonus Materials

A Holiday Event Advert Kit


Hear What Others Are Saying

"We have been under the guidance of Mr. Metzger since Oct 2014. One of the things we implemented was our first EVER Holiday Event. We were not really sure what we were doing, as it was our first one and we had so many other changes going on at that time... but we did make $7,000 in 4 hours and we were THRILLED!!

Since then, through our ongoing guidance with our Mentor, Mr. Metzger, we have done better than we ever thought possible at each Holiday Event following. The second year, we tripled what we did the first year. The third year, we increased the revenue from the second year by $10,000. Last year, we did more than 8 times better than our first year... grossing over $50,000 in 4 hours - 1 day!!

Mr. Metzger and all of the MAIA staff and fellow business owners know what they are doing. We listen, learn and implement... and continue to be blown away with our results."

Sensei Thomas Todd
Championship Martial Arts – Omaha, Omaha, NE


So our first holiday event we ever did was a month after we joined MAIA & we made $19,000 in 4 hours in December, 2016. We were so excited because before we signed up with MAIA, we were seeing months as low as $5,800.

The following year we made $30k on our 4-hour holiday event!

The system MAIA gives you to produce a great holiday event will give you amazing results we never could do on our own.

Suzana Chacon
Dominion Martial Arts, Oswego, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Holiday Mini-Course?

A: The Holiday Mini-Course is a detailed action plan for making your Holiday Event the most profitable and fun event of the year. The goal of this course is to help you maximize revenue during your Holiday Event while also making this the most fun and memorable celebration for your students. Follow this step-by-step guide to making that happen.

Q: What is the difference between the Holiday Mini-Course and Century’s Holiday Kit? Can I do both?

A: Century’s Holiday Kit primarily centers on helping you increase your retail sales during the holidays. The Holiday Mini-Course helps you with your program/membership sales in addition to retail sales. There are also done-for-you items in this course that make your life so much easier for your Holiday Event. And of course you can use both! You’ll have all grounds covered for your Holiday Event.

Q: What all is included in the Holiday Mini-Course?

A: Step-by-step instruction from MAIA Elite Consultant, Mike Metzger.

Also included in the course: 1 Holiday Event Guide, 2 Done-For-You Phone Scripts, 1 Done-For-You Email Campaign, 1 Done-For-You Program Pitch, An Editable Appointment Planner and a Holiday Advert Pack (includes Save the Date Card, Invite Card, Poster, Facebook Boostable Image and Facebook Banner).

Q: Will the Holiday Event work for me?

A: Yes, it will. Mike has been implementing this system and teaching it to his clients for years. It consistently makes the holiday season the most profitable season of the year for his school and his clients — and their students love it. If you follow Mike’s guidance and implement this system into your school, it will work wonders for you. Sign up today!


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