Do you continually struggle to come up with material that engages and challenges your black belts?

Are you tired of losing students after they receive their black belts?

If building great, well-rounded martial artists and black belts is a top priority for you, then this Advanced Black Belt Instructor College is perfect for you and your black belt students.

Black Belt University

Where tradition meets sport meets reality

Designed as an advanced graduate program for Black Belts and School Owners that are looking to Augment and Enhance their curriculums so that they can increase Black Belt Retention and Sales Revenue without sacrificing the integrity of their art. Experience, learn and train with Sifu Harinder Singh in this master-level class in Combat Tactics & Fighting Philosophy. SIfu Singh is a multi-style black belt and highly acclaimed instructor, who has taught for over 100 law enforcement agencies including the Secret Service.

Want to know more? Want to be the first to have the new rotating curriculum for black belt retention?


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