Learn How to Host a "Digital Learning Camp" for Your Community

Learn how you can be the solution for parents worried about sending their kids back to school amidst COVID-19.

Provide a valuable service and use your Academy as a safe distance learning option for kids.


A Shift in the Market

We are entering uncharted waters when it comes to life with COVID-19.

With August quickly approaching and July coming to an end, there is one thing that's on every parent and school owner's mind this time of year: Back to School.

In a normal year, we would be bustling with activity. Kids would be gearing up for school. Parents would be searching for after school activities. School owners would be hitting the trails for enrollments.

But COVID-19 has changed everything.

The Coronavirus has changed the world we live in and people are taking notice.

According to an Associated Press/ NORC Poll, many people are concerned about reopening schools.

  • 46% of Americans believe schools need major modifications to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 31% think they shouldn’t reopen for in-person learning at all.
  • Only 8% believe schools should open as usual.


Concerns about schools reopening loom large

To further compound the issue:

  • 56% of Americans are extremely or very concerned that reopening schools would cause virus surge.
  • 55% of parents are concerned about their children falling behind academically.

So add all that up and parents are concerned about sending their kids back to school, about the virus spreading and about their child falling behind academically.

Long story short: It's a problem.

What does this mean?

It times to pivot.

Enter Digital Learning Camps.

What are Digital Learning Camps?

Digital Learning Camps are THE solution for parents worried about sending their kids back to school amidst COVID-19.

The idea is to provide a valuable service for your community and use your Academy as a safe distance learning option for kids.

We'll show you how to work with your county to gather the school work for the kids.

Then, we'll show you how to facilitate the camp, keep everyone safe, plan the days and add staff so your entire day is scheduled out. 

In short, you're going to get a masterclass on using your dojo as a way to help children get their schooling done safely.

Workshop Outline

Part One

Setting Up Your Digital Learning Camp & Making the Perfect Marketing Video

Learn what it takes to create and facilitate a digital learning camp.  We’ll go over all the details from the daily schedule to how to hire the staff that will run the camp for you.  Additionally, we give the tools to start building the hype and anticipation around the camp to ensure it sells out!

Part Two

Making Your Online Landing & Registration Pages


If you want to be successful, you have to make it easy for your customers to get their questions answered and enroll in your camp.  Creating your online landing page and registration is imperative.  Learn how to create and build these web forms fast and easy!

Part Three

Crafting Email & Facebook Campaigns Guaranteed to Fill Your Camp


Learn how to use our email and Facebook copy to drive people to your landing pages and convert a higher percentage of leads.  Then, we’ll teach you how to use our proven re-targeting campaign to maximize your marketing efforts.

What You Receive

1.  3 Class Recordings (roughly 60-90 minutes)

2.    Complete Marketing Arsenal including Done For You:

·       Social Media Graphics

·       Short, Long, Re-Targeting Ad Copy

·       Email Campaigns

·       Video Scripts

·       Pre-Made Website Landing Pages

·       Re-Targeting Automations

3.    Weekly Assignments to keep you on track

4.    Pre-Made Flyers & Daily Schedules

5.    Resource & Supply Lists

6.    Recorded Training Sessions & Coordinating Notes

About Your Instructor

As a fellow martial artist and school owner, Adam Parman has been working with school owners across the world. He owns Epic Martial Arts in Atlanta, GA and is MAIA's Summer Camp and After-School expert. He has coached over 100 different school owners on their summer camps and after-school programs, helping add from 50-350k in bottom-line revenue to their businesses. 

Throughout this difficult time, he is helping school owners pivot to launch Digital Learning Camps that will provide a valuable service to parents in their communities. Several clients have already filled their camps for the upcoming school year and he wants to share the secrets of how with you. 


Learn How to Host a "Digital Learning Camp" for Your Community

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